Seeds of Promise

The cloud of the Lord was over the tabernacle by day, and fire in the cloud at night, in the sight of the whole house of Israel in all the stages of their journey.

Exodus 40:38

One of the things I enjoyed most during my six months in Peru was going for a walk in the evening after daily mass. I love to walk, and I love the open air at night. So I would walk often to see a particular Emoliente stand.

An Emoliente is a particular drink in Peru. It’s made of all natural ingredients, and very healthy for you (great for the gut). Many of you know I’m all about plants, and not pills. God did indeed designed the body in a way that His creation, and His Spirit heal. So I love to go see my friend at the stand, and enjoy a hot drink (non-alcoholic) to fill my temple with His goodness of health.

My first few nights I went out to find my regular stand. Along the way I see this Venezuelan family near the supermercado. They were standing on the corner with everything they owned which included everything in two / three hiking packs. A husband, wife, two kids, and another male friend.

As I passed by I gave them a few soles, and the kids some dried apricots from my backpack. I quickly prayed over the kids, and went on my way.

The next night I’m out walking to get myself dinner, and I see the same family once again. This night I hear the Lord say, “buy them dinner” after I passed by. How often did Jesus pass by in the gospels? (Mk 6:48)

This night I was on my way to buy an empanada, chi cha morada, and eat in the park. After eating in the park I go back to the restaurant to but this family empanadas, and bottled water. I prayed they were still in the same spot I last saw them.

I thank God when I find them in that exact location. Their gratitude, and smiles said it all when I handed them everything. They were very gracious for my generosity.

It’s now my third night out in a row. I am slowly adjusting to being alone this mission trip. Once again I see the same family. This time as I pass by I heard God say, “buy them dinner, and dine with them”.

My first response is “seriously Lord? You want me to eat with them on the street?” I’m sort of wrestling with what feels like an awkward request. I hear back a “resounding, yes.”

So I decide once again on empanadas because it’s an easy meal to eat on street. One doesn’t need utensils, and very little garbage is created. Oh, and it’s very inexpensive, but fills one’s belly. No it’s not the healthiest meal. I’m aware, but there are no fruit carts to be found.

So I go back to my little restaurant where they know me now, extend much grace for my lack of Spanish, and buy empanadas, and bottled water for everyone. I go back to find the family, hand out the food, and water. We say a meal prayer, and we eat.

I think they were very surprised I was joining them in this meal. Trust me, I was surprised myself. As I stood on the sidewalk eating my own empanada in middle of the circle in downtown Piura I’m very aware of all the eyes on me. I quickly realized I stuck out like sore thumb as a white American missionary dining with the unwelcomed refugees. You see not all Peruvians are excited to have millions of refugees come into the country. Now close to two million have crossed into Peru which has impacted the economy, Peruvian employment, among many other social issues.

It’s obvious I’m not Peruvian by my looks, and everyone who walks by is staring at me dining with the leaper of a family on the street by Peruvian standards. I wonder if Jesus too noticed the looks, and the stares when he did odd things in his ministry, or walked from town to town. I’m assuming he did, and there is another reason why it’s mentioned he had his eyes on the Father in the gospels.

I start to recall how different of a person I am from my first trip 15 years ago. I also know I would of found this moment awkward then, but now I am strangely comfortable doing what the Lord asked me to do. In fact, in so many ways I’m enjoying this moment that only God can understand. I have no language for the significance of moment in which God led me to. It’s heart a language, not for words of men.

My discomfort comes after I leave them for the night. As I walk back I’m talking to God, and I tell him if you are going to want me to continue to feed these refugee families I will need you to double my money. Seriously God you asked me to sow my seed to come here. I’m now truly living a missionary life. I’m dependent on you God. “Remember, I took a stand for you, stepped out of the boat, and was fired due to the mandates. I have no income, I’m living off my savings. If you don’t move God I will run out of money.” It’s so funny it’s like I’m telling God something He doesn’t know. He knows, trust me he knows of my stepping out, and sacrifice. Fire always falls on sacrifice. Burnt Offering

In buying my one way ticket to Peru I heard the Lord say, “sow your own seed.” So I either made the biggest mistake of my life, or I was going to see the biggest breakthrough. I was contending for breakthrough. Here’s some bold truth, the Christian life without relying on the supernatural is a superficial walk with Jesus. Look to the lives of the saints.

Back to my walk. I pray a supernatural request with what feels like a dangerous prayer. “Lord, you are the God of multiplication. You did it with the wine at Cana, and the loaves, and fishes, I boldly now ask you to multiply my finances. I know Lord, you love surprising your people like you did at the wedding in Cana so double the money in my wallet to feed the ones you direct me to, and I will feed your sheep.”

With in days to a few weeks I start getting dinner invites. Both in homes, and restaurants. When I pull out my wallet, I regularly hear we got it, you are our guest. When I go to homes to eat I’m often sent back with food. When I ask for friends to order me breakfast from the street cart they would pay. Money is put into envelopes, and slipped under my room door. People put money in my hands, and shoved it my pockets. Friends tell me to set up Zellie in my checking account which I never heard of before where I see deposits of $50.00, $100,00, and $500.00! Another friend tells me when it’s time to come back to the states they will buy my ticket with their air miles.

God is good, God is good. He does indeed multiply. This is not the only place I saw multiplication this trip, but that’s for another time.

As I mentioned above I love to walk. I try walk 2-5 miles daily at home so it is a discipline I continue on mission. I find that it’s not only good for my physical health, but essential to my emotional, and spiritual well-being. I take in the fresh air, the sights, and the sounds of the city. I pray, and talk to God. I’m a lot like King David, as I do not hold back my tears or my lamenting in these walks. In addition, I’ve been seen singing, and waving my arms to praises to the most high God. I would hear friends say, “I saw you, but you walk so fast. I yelled out, but you didn’t hear me.” Sometimes I listen to worship music, and sing along the way praising God’s goodness, and other times I would listen to Christian podcasts. Then often I would walk in silence, and listen for what God wanted to speak to my heart.

I’m certain I walked over 500 miles in my six months, and after a while I became keenly aware something was different. Something new was stirring in my spirit. I could sense it, and feel it, but not fully name it. I was walking out something, a prophetic act of my own. I was in the process of spiritually making my own Exodus that had not been fully revealed to me. In these moments of grace, I’ve learned to not fight God, but surrender, and yield. So I did. I walked everywhere. I even frustrated my friends when I said, “let’s walk”, and they wanted a moto-taxi.

At this point I now know my way around the city, to the open market etc. It’s funny, I now know what I call bridal row, the street with the eye glasses, and where you go to get a big bus for long trips to places like Lima, the shops to repair shoes etc. I use the same discernment in the states that I do here. If it doesn’t feel safe, I take a different route. It’s no different than walking in downtown Chicago which is now the murder capital of the states. Trust me, I often feel much safer here. The biggest danger here is getting my cell phone or wallet stolen, but I’m not going to get gunned down by a crazed lunatic. I stopped watching television long ago, as it only tele-a-vision of fear. So I do not live in fear of such things. I asked the Lord to burn my altars of safety long ago, so I can keep my eyes on what my Father is doing.

During the pandemic lockdowns only 25 miles from my house a town was set on fire. Businesses went up in flames, shots were fired, and yes lives taken, and people worry about my safety here? Folks, noting is safe anymore especially life in the west! Get your eyes off the news, and on Jesus, and you will not live in fear. It’s then you can truly live the one life God has given you. You will then truly live, opposed to merely surviving.

Additionally, I never walk alone. God is with me, He goes before me. I know I’m surrounded by angels that walk with me every where I go not only because I pray, and ask for them to join me, but my friends pray for this for me too. I have a group of friends who regularly intercede for me, and my ministry. These people are warriors in the Kingdom.

I’ve been told on multiple occasions by Peruvians who’ve said “I’m not sure what you are doing here for the Lord, but it must be important because you have two large warrior angels that walk along side you.” Mission 101: Angel Deployment

So I live with caution, but I’m not careless or reckless. However, I remain unafraid in my travels. I walk always with my head on a swivel, and I know my weapons of warfare. To give in to fear is to let fear have control you. In stead I keep my eyes on Jesus, and the cross looking up to the Father who is accessible because the heavens are open everywhere He sends me.

I’m surrounded by God’s goodness, and protection. So angels before me, and along side me – I fear not where God sends me. (Ex 23:21–23) Additionally, my backpack is sprinkled with exorcised salt, and I always wear a sacramental for protection. I’m not superstitious by any means, but I surrender to, and cooperate with all the graces available to me for protection in the Catholic faith.

Depending on the route I walk, I can take a path we’re I see very few refugees, or I can pass hundreds along the way. In the years since Venezuela collapsed it appears they are now everywhere; in the park, on the streets, in front of stores, churches, the Cathedral, near the bridges etc. It is heartbreaking to see.

They are of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Singles, pregnant women, women nursing newborns, families with kids, in strollers holding everything they own. The park looks like a homeless campsite littered with backpacks, tents, and people sleeping, bathing, and setting up camp everywhere.

I believe for the most part the rest of the world has no idea of this reality. What happened in Venezuela is still happening in Venezuela. Food, water, and electricity is all rationed. Highly educated people; lawyers, doctors, teachers etc. all lost, and struggled to provide for their families, and live under the current tyrannical conditions set by the ruling government.

The journey they’ve made by the time I’ve encountered them is incredible. Their stories consist of heartache, heartbreak, and abandonment by the country they loved, saying goodbye to friends, and family. They have walked for miles on the streets, and through the mountains sleeping in the cold of night, and begging for food, and money. They are filthy dirty, and down trodden. I’m sure human, and sex trafficking is involved although I did not encounter this directly.

A missionary, mindset trap is thinking you can save them all. That is absolutely dangerous thinking, and comes from a place of proving, and performance, and not the identity of being a son/daughter. Your invitation is to respond to the one, or ones God directs you to. Yes, it’s sometimes only one because you give hours of time to one. God does the rest, it’s His Kingdom. We participate in responding to His call with love which can look like a variety of things, and actions.

Now I’m well aware there is only one Savior, and it’s not me. So I did not feed them all, or give money to them all. I only served the ones God directed me to. Some days it was many, and others days is no one. Now, I know what you are thinking. Do not give them money, well easy to say when you are not living out of a backpack, and in the comfort of your home. Desperation speaks to the human heart. If God told me to empty my pocket then I obeyed. At times I did just that.

In these daily adventures I met, talked and prayed with hundreds. As much as I had an impact on them, they had a significant impact on my own heart. They grew my heart in ways I can’t explain. I made friends with many. Once I was in the open market, and a refugee called out me name. The irony of being found by a refugee in a place as big as the open market is truly the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s insanely chaotic. That refugee didn’t ask, but I reach in my pocket without thinking, and gave him everything thing I had on me that day. (Mk 12:41-44) As I walked away I thought “what did you just do? Wow, I haven’t done that before, ok God once again I trust in you.”

Often in my walks I would stop at a particular corner where a woman had a stand at a busy intersection. It’s funny, I would often only buy bottled water to drink, but she never stopped attempting to sell me other items. We too became friends.

One day I passed this young family with two little kids. As I walked pass them I make the decision to buy them water, and a treat of marshmallows for the little ones at my regular turn back corner.

So I buy the stuff, and walk back. I quickly realize this day I am their manna. (Ex 16) I try to always give the food, money etc. to the husband to distribute as he sees fit. The father/husband is the spiritual head of the household, and I try to honor him. This father graciously thanks me, and the kids can’t stop staring at me. It was the cutest thing. As I walk away, I wonder “what do they see?”

Let me say something straight up. If you desire to live a life guided by the Holy Spirit. Then you will be inconvenienced in your obedience regularly. God will ask you to do things when you’re dog tired, and headed to bed, on your way to adoration to seek him, or daily mass. At times your hands will be full, you will be running late, and you will miss meal time.

You see God doesn’t care about your schedule unless it is fully aligned to His. He has a time table all of His own. And I believe the stretching of our obedience is the birth place of a volcano of fire, and grace. You will leave trails of sweet smoke if you allow your self to be inconvenienced, and obedient to His voice. (Jn 10:27-28). The choice is your to be a living sanctuary for Him.

I’m about a mile away, and I hear God say, “Go back.” At first I’ll admit I ignored the request, but it continued, “go back”. My response is “seriously? I’m a mile away! You know Lord I want to go to the adoration chapel, and pray before it closes. If I go back I won’t make it to pray.”

Again, from the Heavenly Hound comes “Go back”. I respond, “ok, what do you want me to do?” It’s then silence comes. I hear nothing, no plans, no prophetic words. Just silence. I believe it’s these moments of obedience that are more significant than other moments. It’s a leap of faith, stepping onto the bridge of the unknown, the stepping stone to seeds of a greater promise. Ask yourself do you do what God asks, or tells you when He stops at the details, and plans on what’s next? I’ve learned you could miss out on your promise if you wait – it’s not more than control. The world calls it reckless, I call it trust.

So I have no idea what I’m going to say, or do when I go back to this family. When I arrive the father is sitting on the wall by the river. I asked him to hop down, and he graciously does. I then pray with him. Thank God the wall was there because as soon as I said, come Holy Spirit he was undone. He hits the back of the wall, and I’m thinking God because it’s his support. For five to ten minutes glory of the Holy Spirit was on him, and filling him. The Father was loving him, giving him strength, and courage to continue on. I praised God for that wall along the river, as it was my manna in the moment.

The young man finally opens his eyes, and looks as he’s been reinvigorated. He’s renewed, refreshed, his heart has been revived, and resurrected with new life. His eyes shine with glory. He encountered God in a way, that will be his strength for the journey. I then tell him to take his family to the shelter to rest, eat, wash clothes etc. and I go on my way to never to see them again. These refugees have incredible faith, often they are just tired in the journey. They all speak of being guided by Jesus.

God did not ask me to give them more food or money that day, but more of Himself to endure to journey ahead. Manna for the day, sounds a lot like the book of Exodus. God knows what we need, and when, and if brave enough to make the journey out of Exodus He will drop what you need into your hands. I’ve seen it, and I believe it, with my whole heart.

Ask yourself how often do you stop for the one when no one sees, but God? If you desire applause, attention, and a platform more than eternity it’s time for a redirection back to Jesus. The podium, platform, or attention of others will never replace, or fill the intimacy that comes from your secret place. It’s an intimacy for you alone, and it can not be manipulated, or replicated because you are in union with the Father who lords over all things. Seek Jesus above all else He’s a straight path to heaven here, and now, and the next life.

Scripture tells us God will leave the 99 for the one lost sheep. Did he use me that day to pass the other 99 to stop, and see the one who had a need only I could meet that day? Ultimately only God knows.

I’ve had so many powerful encounters alone on the street with the refugees. I can no longer count, or remember them all, but there’s one encounter that blew my mind. I’ve seen healings, signs, and wonders, but this was new thing I saw God do.

I’m out for a walk more than a mile from the parish by the river, and I see these four men camping out. They are cooking rice & coffee in a pot over bricks on the street. Sadly this is no longer a surprising sight.

They say hello, and I inquire if they are from Venezuela. They affirm yes. I tell them I am sorry about what happened in Venezuela.

I sometimes wonder if they will remember me – that white American in the pink baseball hat that stopped, and said hello, gave a few soles, some food, and prayed for the Father to fill them with strength for the journey. It matters not, but I’ve remembered those in my life who were present when manna fell from the sky right into my hands in a time of need. When you start living without multiple tunics, this is often how God works. He just shows up the the most miraculous ways it’s almost unbelievable at times!

Over the course of several days I see these four men multiple times. Along the way I give them food, and water, I pray with each one, we chat. It astounds me the one Sunday I walked by a few of the men were missing. When I inquired I was told they went to church. Wow, homeless and they still go and honor God. Amazing! Thank you Jesus.

On this day the one guy who speaks broken English hands me a book. He says, “I found it on the street tossed aside like trash. Just garage. I’m sorry the cover is torn off. Look.” He goes on to tell me he read the whole book. Then said, “This book, Venezuela.”

I flipped it over, and saw it was written by two professors from a University in Brazil. As I flipped through the book it was all in Spanish. When I got to the front I read the following chapters in the table of context; “The Great Reset, The World Economic Forum, and The WHO.” Those are the only chapters I remember, but there more more.

Out loud I say “Oh the great reset”. The man said, “You know?” “You know?” I can see he’s grateful to have a conversation with another who understands.

And I respond, “Yes, I know.” He then says, “Venezuela, the great reset, and makes an exploding sound.” He goes on to say that’s what caused the collapse. Note: if you have no idea regarding these topics go to their websites and educate yourself on Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030. I do not wear tin foil hat. I am not a conspiracy theorist. It’s open forum for all to read. Take the time to educate yourself.

I’m floored. That here I am in the middle of the city of Piura talking to a Venezuelan refugee, and we are able to communicate with his little English, and my little Spanish how a certain elite group of folks in the world are doing everything to collapse the societies in which we live. I realize how quickly disaster can happen. We Americans are so tied to the “Almighty Dollar”, gosh just think of that name. We think it can’t happen in the west, but it’s happened before that the dollar, and markets collapsed causing many to look up.

He goes on to tell me how still today food, water, electricity is rationed. Very educated people teachers, lawyers, doctors etc. can no longer support their families. The choice is be a slave, and live under governmental control, or trust in God, and leave for a new life. It’s tyranny. Some refugees have plans to meet up with family in other countries, and others are lead by the Holy Spirit on their journeys. All walking to a place of refuge.

On this day we say our goodbyes, and I head back to the church we’re I’ve been living. The entire walk back I’m trying to process our conversation. I really do not have words for the conversation we were able to have, a connection that crossed boundaries, language, culture etc. The lives of these men, and the mystery of it all. “What am I missing God?” I ask. I’m talking to God about the journey these refugees made, what this man told me, and boom!

I am putting the key into my door, and it hits me like a ton of bricks. I was reading Spanish in English!! How is that possible Lord? It was a revelation not only about all the refugees, but my own life, and how I ended up in this exact moment no longer afraid to live! I’m not tied to the the constructs that bring safety.

I continue on, “Lord, that whole book was in Spanish. How did I see English in the table of contents?”

Now, whether you believe this, or not does not matter to me. I know what I experienced it was a supernatural natural grace! When you walk in the supernatural God surprises you all the time in unexpected ways. I’ve seen more signs, and wonders than I can count. This trip I saw multiplication I least three times! Another time got locked in the Cathedral alone in adoration for hours only to be found by the janitor during a time of ecstasy in prayer that was absolutely supernatural. I thought I was in heaven. His face told me he to saw something unusual too. That too is a story for another time. I saw people get delivered from horrific trauma, from spells cast by a bruja, eyes healed, and so much more.

As I go on thinking about this grace to see. There’s another boom. It occurs to me that these refugees are just like the Israelites. They made a decision, and said no more to Pharaoh (govt, rationed food), and went walking into the promise land putting their trust in God. Like Pharoah the Venzulaion govt wanted to control them through water, and food. That’s morden day slavery my friends.

You see we have been educated to believe slavery includes physical shackles on the ankles, yet there are many kinds, and types of slavery that exist today, both in the physical, and spiritual (ie. AI, vaccines cards…)

We all know the Exodus story, but we don’t often talk about that 80% of people who stayed back as slaves. After all it’s what they knew, what they were familiar with, therefore it brought them a sense of comfort, and safety. That meant 20% said “I want more. I desire freedom over slavery. I will leave the scraps provided by Pharaoh, and trust in God. I will leave this place of slavery for a promised seed of freedom.”

In that 20% that began the journey to the promised land only about 10-15 % survive. The others died in the desert for not listening to God. I believe this holds true today. In the New Testament we hear the gate is narrow. (Mt 7:14) Many quit, and many burn out. Many more stall, stagger, and fall never getting back up to finish the race well. (2 Tim 4:7) Many are half dead in the pews on Sunday.

We are entering a season similar to the Israelites where a decision will come into our midst. It’s is a wheat from the tares moment in history. (Mt 13:21-40) The Lord is asking many to make an exit from idols, relationships, conveniences, ministries, even locations so that you can enter the land He has destined for you. Where does your trust lie? Are you ready to trust the manna of the Lord falling from the sky?

Many have not found their way back to church, mass, ministry etc. after the pandemic. If you wanna burn for God let Him burn down your altar, and idols of safety. We say all the time, the seeds of the Church is built on the blood of the martyrs, and yet we think the gospel is safe? The will of God is safe? Only eternity is safe. (2 Cor 4:18)

When the gospel is preached, and demonstrated in power like Jesus did, it will rock every system, and threaten all with pharisaical thinking even those in high places. It also includes the baptized sitting in the pews. The gospel is what put Jesus on the cross. This is the the fullness of the Christain faith, there is no resurrection without the cross. What cross is the Lord asking you to pick up to follow Him?

After seeing these refugees as modern day Israelites I then remembered that entire book was in Spanish. How did I read what I did in the table of contents in English? It was only by a supernatural grace to have the ability to have this conversation with this man. It makes no logical sense for the publisher to put the entire book in Spanish, and then the table of contents in English. Who does that?

Now, I know what you are thinking. Is that possible? Does the Lord still pour out supernatural graces like He did in the lives of the saints? Well, ask yourself what you believe? If all things are possible with God then why not? (Mt 19:26). Has God stopped being God? In what ways may you have boxed God in, and placed yourself on the throne?

Here is what I believe.

  • We are entering a season of increased graces to all who hunger for more of God. God is bringing a people out of the wilderness, and raising up a people seeking more than the manna of modern day Pharaohs. They will not be deceived by manufactured manna, but look up, and wait in faith for the heavenly bread falling from the sky.
  • God is increasing in power, graces, and mystical experiences to the hungry. I believe the Holy Spirit will move in unrivaled power though a people putting Jesus on the throne of everything. (Joel 2:28)
  • A people who will pay the full cost of the gospel. (Lk 14:28) They will not water down His truth.
  • A People who will speak truth to power. They will be lovers of truth. (Mt 10:34)
  • A People who will not obey, or comply to authority gone off the rails, but stand in the authority given to them by God. They will be conscrated ones with eyes on Jesus, and walk in peace. (Jn 18:28-38)
  • A People who will expose corruption, and flip the tables on the money changers inside the temples, and call for purification. (Mt 21:12)
  • A people who will give prophecies to men in high places; politicians, govt leaders, clergy. Think St. Catherine of Siena.
  • A People who will walk in power, and authority. They will do all the works of Jesus. Oh yes they will raise the dead. (Lk 7:11-17, Lk 8:40-56, Jn 11)
  • A People who burn down the altars of safety, and security. They will tarry, and lay at the feet of King Jesus, and say send me. (Is 6:8)
  • A people who both war, and praise God in pure worship, and have no fear or offense in the freedom to worship Christ the King. This worship will shake the gates of hell, and set captives free. (Mt 4:1-7)
  • A people who desire holiness over vanities of vanities. (Ecc 1:2-11)
  • A people who will burn for Jesus leaving behind fields of sweet smoke. (Ps 39:3, Lk 3:16)
  • A people who will pop wells of revival, an outpouring that will send fire to the nations. (Mt 28:19-20)

A remnant is rising for an emerging bride to appear. Remnant Rising

As the princess-bride enters the palace, how glorious she appears within the holy chamber, robed with a wedding dress embroidered with pure gold!

Psalm 45:14

Do you see Her in the distance?

She’s spotless.

She’s beautiful.

She’s pure.

Get ready saints. God is raising up a people to bring in a Harvest!

The Bridegroom is Coming!

It was dark in Egypt, but bright in Goshen.

I will soon be making an exodus of mine own to seeds of several promises God has spoken on – Dallas, Texas! Yes, I’m moving!! I’m looking forward to being a little piece to a grand puzzle God is putting together. I believe there is going to be a move of God that will send fire to the nations out of the Texas oil wells of revival!! I am so humbled, and excited to be a part of uncorking these wells! God will have His people. Come be a part of this move and register – All are welcome! Dallas Encounter School of Ministry.

I can honestly say this blog was birthed out of my first Encounter Conference at Christ the King, Ann Arobor, MI many years ago, as well hundreds of encounters in many mission trips to Peru. We will be launching the Dallas School with a similar event. Come & See! Register today as this event will sell out – All are Welcome! Dallas Reginal Encounter Conference.

Interestingly… I blogged these prophetic words in May 2021 It’s Time and Giant Slayer. God still speaks to His people.

So Moses decided, “I must turn aside to look at this remarkable sight. Why does the bush not burn up?” Ex 3:3.

Run with fearless ones not afraid to face the Amalekites (Ex17:8-16). Other burning ones who run toward you when you’re set on fire for Jesus. You’re undignified screams of “I’m on Fire”, “Mucho Fuego”, “I’m burning up” sends vanity, and offense out the window, and they proudly say “that’s my friend”. “She’s brings the fire.” That’s freedom from slavery for all, and an exodus of fear of man!

11 thoughts on “Seeds of Promise

  1. And this is my beloved friend from whom I have witnessed and learned the More of Jesus as she herself models the life of Jesus. More Fire Lord! ❤️🔥❤️. There is great work to be done in Your Name 🙏🔥🙏.

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    1. It’s been fun running with you! I wouldn’t be here without your invitation.


  2. MariaMartina Maldonado February 26, 2023 — 8:40 pm

    May God keep you always. Peace and strength are with you. Let me know how can I support you besides praying for the Dallas Encounter to bring many hearts to God Almighty.

    Hugs and much love sister.

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  3. Lisa what an amazing story you tell of your adventures with God. You have been such an integral
    Part in so many lives here and in so many other locations. Thank you for sharing your God given talents with so many. When are you leaving to continue your work for God ? Hope we see you again. Is Gail going with you? Donna

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    1. Thank you Donna! As soon as God says go.


  4. Thank you for challenging us Lisa! Rose shared this with me, and my heart burns as I track your writings. And I’m also in awe of Father God of how much He’s given me when I’ve surrendered so little.

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    1. Praise God! He’s so good. It’s been awesome getting to know Rose. Can’t wait to see how God moves in you both! Fire in Portland in Jesus name! 🔥🔥🔥


    2. Praise for His goodness! It’s been such a blessing to connect with you & your beautiful Rose. One stays hot when running with other burning ones! Grateful to know burning ones like you & Rose! 🔥❤️🔥


  5. Powerful!!

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    1. You are gonna have to come for a visit! 🔥


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