Photos 2019

New experiences & life in Piura, Peru during my three months in 2019.

Life in poverty
Jesus loves you…mucho, mucho, mucho! In Mocara Pueblo.
San Lucas in Colan 1535, one of the oldest Colonial Churches in South America.
Inside San Lucas in Colan

She’s full of fire now!
In Mocara Pueblo
In Mocara Pueblo
In Mocara Pueblo
Ropa, Ropa, Ropa in Mocara Pueblo.
In the village of Monte Castillo
Anointing & praying with the sick in the ER.
Francisco was completely transformed after some healing prayer.
Piura Conference on Families.
Saying goodbye to a much needed companion.
A haircut not only changes how one looks, but how they feel too!
Piercing my little Guadalupe’s ears!
Jesus loves you! Jesus loves you! 💕
Ordering a Emoliente drink from a street vendor.
Life in poverty
Fr. Chris visiting a woman paralyzed for over 20 yrs.
Sunset in Mocara Pueblo
San Miguel Cathedral at night.
This was amazing!
Looking out from my prayer spot.
I’m in love with this Peruvian soup!
This sweet babe was only 10 days old.
Kids asking for prayer in Monte Castillo near the Vera Aqua Vera Vita site.
Friends from the Rotary Club who took me for coffee after coming for prayer.
Praying with some friends over this little two month old baby boy.
Healing service with Fr. Miguel Rodríguez from Lima.
Sun setting in Cumbibira

We all laid hands on the little one on my lap.

At at men’s rehab, a kitten 6 weeks.
Praying at Ropa at San Patricio
New friends & prayer warriors in Monte Castillo.
Checking out the Vera Aqua Vera Vita site

First time experience, motorcycle ride through the streets of Piura.
Met some old friends walking the streets in Monte Castillo.
Bath time in Monte Castillo
Sharing the love of Jesus with the little ones.
The Upper Room to celebrate Pentecost

Celebrating Pentecost at the school

Piura sunrise
Piura sunrise
Sunrise in Piura
Arrival at Piura Airport
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