Midnight Oil

Oh Beloved, you will not find it in the boardroom, the broom closet, cupboard, workshop, woodshed or garage. Oh no, MIDNIGHT OIL comes from the CRUSHING in the dark room. The darkness of the prayer closet. (Mt 6:5)

The CRIES of the heart. (Ps 61:1-3) In the secret place of YOU, and GOD ALONE. A quiet place built on the foundation of TEARS, and HOLY SURRENDERS. A honest place where brokenness dwells. The naked vulnerability of SAINTS, and SINNERS alike.

The chamber of questions, and answers, and the STING of SILENCE too. DEAFENING SILENCE that brings one to their knees to BOW before thee. (Ps 131:)

Beloved do you know the place? Do you go? How long do you stay? Do you ask the tough questions? Do you listen with an open, and CONTRITE HEART? Do you leave a crack in the door for REPENTENCE to enter in? (Ps 51:17)

Is this you beloved? Do you guard your wallet, and bank account more than your prayer closet? For your secret place can be stolen too! Guard your closet with LOCK, and KEY. (Pro 4:24) Give it to no one, but THE ONE YOU BOW BEFORE THEE – JESUS.

It’s where a SWEET fragrance is formed. A HOLY OIL fermented, and formed in the crushing on the THRESHING FLOOR. (Gal 6:9) A miracle oil that gives drink to the THIRSTY, the LOST, the BROKEN, and the DYING. You know the ones. Those desperate, and dying on the vine.

It’s a BALM to the bleeding, the wounded, and the sick. Like the balm of Gilead that soothes, loves, and cures. A RIVER OF LIFE. (Jer 46:11)

You are going to need Midnight oil dear Martha. (Lk 10:38:42) For you are so busy doing, planning, scheduling, tinkering on so many things for you have no time BUY, and STORE His MIDNIGHT OIL.

Do you see beloved Mary had chosen the better part. The sweetness of ABIDING, and SITTING at the FEET OF THE KING. (Mt 26:6-13)

Oh Martha, Martha will those dishes, dusting, crafting, shopping, grass cutting, spreadsheets, and garage cleaning bring you REST to RECIEVE midnight oil? Will the MULTIPLE FRUITLESS MINISTRIES buy you oil?

No, no, no – it never does. It never will. CHOSE WISELY. WAIT UPON the LORD.

It’s the busy that leaves no time for the crush. It’s SLAVERY, as you’re BURDENED by Satan’s YOKE. It’s the crush that makes the way, and new room for the oil. Do you see why you’re gonna need more midnight oil? Do you see the SIZE of the HARVEST. The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few. (Mt 9:37-38)

The crush of the threshing floor will be your ALTAR OF SACRIFICE. Will you go often? Will you PAY THE COST (Jn 1:12) at the threshing floor. Will you allow the CRY OF TEARS to wash away the IMPURITIES and SIN? Will you allow His FIRE to BURN THE DROSS IN YOUR HEART. Will you say yes to being an UNDIGNIFIED FOOL for your LOVER, and KING, JESUS?

You are not the Alabaster jar! Oh NO. You are a SON/DAUGHTER anointed for such a time as this. (Es 4:4)

You’ve been ANOINTED, and APPOINTED, COMMISSIONED to pour it all out on the altar of sacrifice. Your alabaster jar will will run out if you do not take time for midnight oil to FERMENT, and FORM.

If you wanna POUR OUT (2 Tim 4:6-8) sweetly everywhere you go then there is no other way than to seek His midnight oil.

But you must first learn to sit at His feet, and POUR EVERYTHING OUT to receive the midnight oil.

GO TO THE WELL, dig deep, go often. DIG BELOVED DIG!! Hit every revival WELL POSSIBLE. Your WICK MUST have an ABIDING PLACE in the well of HIS FIERY LOVE.

You will know why Mary had the better part. You will also know Mary, and Martha both play a part in the ANOINTING of His holy midnight oil. They are not either or, but both and in the kingdom.

Know the DIFFERENCES, it matters immensely in the FRUIT YOU PRODUCE. Guard your time in the LABOR ROOM, and waiting upon the Lord. Let NO ONE PUSH, CONTROL, FORCE, or MANIPULATE you out of the WAIT. The wait is not of this world. (Rev 22:12)

Therefore, store HIS midnight oil. An oil that is so SLICK, and THICK it scares the flies, ticks, and flees of the enemy. It comes with the PROTECTION of the king, and crowns you with RIGHTEOUSNESS. It’s the COSTLIEST OIL on the planet, and in the kingdom.

Will you sell all for His oil?



For the midnight oil will slide you right through the EAST GATE for FULL DELIVERY – REVIVAL FIRE.


A GRACEFUL FIRE of REVIVAL pure as GOLD never seen before!

Beloved all other oils will burn out due to burning at both ends. That type burning doesn’t know how to ABIDE, REST, and RECEIVE so that you can RUN, and RELEASE JESUS into the world.

SELL OUT, LAY DOWN for midnight oil. You will be at PEACE, and have a HEART of RICHES that many die in a attempts to strive for. Let striving DIE for midnight oil to flow like a RIVER to REVIVAL.

Beloved sit at His feet. Lash all your love on Jesus. Give him your HUMBLE SURRENDER. Dwell in the PRESENCE of His SWEET GRACE. (2 Cor 12:9)

Are you ready to BURN with midnight oil? Are you ready to SHINE BRIGHT with midnight oil? (Lk 12:35) Are you ready to IGNITE the LAMPS of plenty?

Will you RUN with those who BURN? Will you LEAD those burning out into the WELL of REVIVAL for MORE?

The well of revival will be SET A FIRE by your midnight oil.

Your wick is about to STRIKE A WELL. A NEW well that hasn’t been seen before. Get ready beloved, GET READY. It’s gold, PURE GOLD. It’s a GEYSER of GOLD and HOLY FIRE.







“The true saint burns grace like a 747 burns fuel on takeoff.” – Dallas Willard

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