About Me

I am a friend, lover, disciple and missionary of Jesus!

2007 – First Mission Trip to Piura, Peru

This is where the journey began and continues…..

By the grace of God I encountered Jesus with my first passport stamp ever. Yes, God has a sense of humor and He is good, good Father. It was in the midst of the foreign land of Piura, Peru that I came to know the person of Jesus Christ.

I arrived in Piura deeply wounded by adultery, betrayal, deceit, loss of a home, loss of finances, a career, divorce, and a family. I was running from myself, and my life. I had no idea who I was anymore, but I found the pearl of the great price among the poor and people of Piura and in the love and hospitality of Fr. Joseph Uhen and his staff. I continued to return over the years, always receiving an invitation to more of God.

Since that first trip, I’ve had the most incredible journey. So much has happened; healing, forgiveness, redemption, interior freedom, education, formation, witnessing miracles, signs, and wonders. Growing in identity of who I am as a Child of God, and in a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ all for the mission of His kingdom.

And so it was after my second trip that I told God, yes. I’ll get out of the boat, and follow you anywhere. It’s been an adventure for sure!

I became increasingly hungry, and thirsty for more of God. I’ve come to learn God can never be out done in generosity. His very heart, and desire is to give us more of Him. It’s who God is…

In May 2018, I graduated with a masters in theology. Therefore, I was away from Piura for four years. In 2018 and 2019 I spent the summer missioning in Peru. Then I went back again in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, then in 2022 for six months. 

Piura, Peru is the place of my very first encounter, and countless encounters since then. It’s crazy to think I’ve spent almost a year now living in Piura and I still don’t know much Spanish after 11 trips to Peru. God works in mysterious ways! 

You can follow me here as my adventure with Jesus continues. I hope to write as often as I can, or when the Holy Spirit moves me to do so. Check back frequently to see how God’s moving. 

Here I am Lord. Send Me!

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