I will post frequently how you can pray for various requests.

Check back for updates.


Tuesday, February 8th: Pray for safe travels back to Peru! Health the entire trip, and for God’s will to be done this mission.


Tuesday, May 4: See Monte Castillo tab. Pray for Revival Fire to fall on this village!


Saturday, December 5: Pray for a special friend, Alberto who’s enduring a very difficult professional situation. Storm the courts of heaven with praises of God’s goodness and faithfulness to tear down any strongholds that bind, hold, stop or prevent a righteous and faithful decision from being made. Pray for him to be at peace as he waits. Pray St. Michael protects him in this battle and any future battles tied to the decisions made. If you pray the rosary please include him in your rosary.

Sunday, March 22: Pray for an end to Covid-19, for those ill to be completely restored to heath, for protection of all those in the frontlines of fighting this virus in Jesus name.

Thursday, January 16: Pray that Mark P finds employment. He’s been out of work since November after 30 years in sales. Pray the Lord gives him strength in his search & they eyes to see & ears to hear new opportunities he never thought possible.


Sunday, December 29: Pray for the repose of Yulianne Robles’ soul. The Lord called her home the afternoon of December 28 on the Feast of Holy Innocents. Please continue to keep her family in your prayers during this time of grief.

Tuesday, September 10: Pray for complete healing and restoration of Yulianne Robles’ body, heart, and lungs. She’s a 4 yr old girl at Children’s Hospital in Dallas fighting for her life. She’s had open heart surgery and still has an open chest wound. Pray for the wisdom & guidance of all medical professionals treating and caring for her.

Wednesday, August 9: Prayer prayers of praise for the clean water now flowing in the Village of Monte Castillo. Pray for wisdom and discernment for Jacob Niemeier and the team at Vera Aqua Vera Vita as they determine their next site in Piura to provide clean water to those most in need.

Saturday, July 6: Pray for safe travel and no delays for all the St. Patrick Missionaries flying home this weekend.

Saturday, June 22:  

  1. Pray for Martin & Cristinia that God blesses them with new life.
  2. Pray for Sandeep, Rani, and Aleksei as they all discern where God is calling them.
  3. And pray for Fr. Henry and his parish and parishioners in Dallas, Texas that they stay strong and steadfast in their focus of shifting from maintenance to mission at their parish. May each and every person at St. Ann’s encounter Jesus and say yes, I will follow you Lord.

Saturday, June 15: Pray for my protection and ask Our Lady & St. Michael to be with me and protect me in my work and my sleep, in all my comings and goings.

Friday, June 14: Pray for strength and comfort for my new friend, Luis who six months ago lost his wife after 46 years of marriage. He’s very lonely without her, but exudes so much joy, as he’s a man of great faith.

For Isabelle, who arrived as I was walking out of the clinic for the day to shower for mass. I heard God say, one more. Her husband abandoned her for another woman. She came in stoic and emotionless. Then after prayer the flood gates opened. My ministry was giving her the space for another to see her tears and pain for the next half hour. There was no shower before mass. The one phrase in Spanish I say often is “Lo siento” – I’m sorry. I know that heartache and it happens a lot here in Peru just like home. Pray the Lord grants her strength and comfort to her very broken heart.

Sunday, June 8, 2019: Pray for all the single woman I know at home and in Peru for strength and endurance as they wait for God to send them a holy husband and their Adam to wake up.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019: I will be on mission in Piura, Peru from May 30th until September 1. Please prayer for my protection and safety and openness to the Holy Spirit moving in my life. I will be praying for all of you. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019: Praise God for the generosity of the many donors who contributed to the success of the Vera Aqua Vera Vita Campaign. They met and exceeded their goal of $10,000 and are now running in the black with $6,000 over the goal. Thank you all! Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019: For the successful completion of the clean water project in the village of Monte Castillo which consists of a $10,000 campaign to complete the work including sanitation work by the ministry Vera Aqua Vera Vita. To donate:

Monday, January 14, 2019: For the village of Monte Castillo repentance and revival!

Saturday, September 1: Pray for safe travels home as I prepare to depart. Pray for Fr. Joe & some members who will be traveling this month. Lastly, please prayer for the health and well being of all the staff members and their families.

Monday, August 20: Pray for the three people currently at the Los Angeles Hospice. One of the most beautiful places in Piura.

Thursday, August 16: Pray for healing of all the victims of abuse by those in the Catholic Church.

Monday, August 13: Pray for the success of the clean water project currently in progress – Monte Castillo, Piura Peru. For more information go to

Thursday, August 3: Pray for the soul of a little boy who passed the same day he was born. Pray for Valentino & his family during this time of grief.

Tuesday, July 24: Pray for the 13 men at the rehabilitation center. They were told by someone we do not know who that they are to carry their guilt for the rest of their lives as penance. Pray for they receive the grace to forgive themselves and let go of the past.

Saturday, July 14: Pray for peace and healing for the men imprisoned at Rio sec Prison. The men we met were all immigrants sentenced for crimes related to drug and alcohol trafficking. Most have no papers and due to logistics rarely see any family or any type to government delegate to help them with their case. Please ask for the intercession of St. Maximilian Kolbe.

Friday, June 30: Pray that all 25 missionaries who will leave today from various starting points all arrive safely & in good health.,

Tuesday, June 26: Pray for safe travels, health and an exciting time as ten of us missionaries visit Cusco and Machu Picchu before heading to Pirua to mission and meeting up with all twenty five missionaries from St. Patrick’s in Wadsworth, IL.

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