It’s Time

Oh beloved do not QUIT! Labor on… PUSH through every contraction. A BABY is on the way!

Your water is going to Break very SOON. The KING is making the way. Walls are coming DOWN. Chains are being CUT. Boots that weighed you down have been kicked OFF. The bondage BREAKER is on the scene. Every YOKE will be Broken (Is 10:27). FREEDOM has YOUR name.

Keep FIGHTING beloved. Keep FIGHTING. Fortitude is a MUST. HOPE is your ROPE. Tie yourself to the Blessed Mother’s MANTLE and let her take you to the SACRED heart of her SON.

No GATE can keep him out. NO GRAVE can HOLD Him down. Yeshua! He’s VICTORIOUS and He’s Waging WAR for you! (2 Cor 10:3)

The battle is ON! The heavens are QUAKING the nations SHAKING, and the DEVIL is on the RUN. He knows JESUS is coming through the EAST Gate! He knows the King is COMING. He really is…Coming SOON (Mt 24:42-47).

Oh RUN Devil Run. A REMANT is rising (Is 11:11-16)! Jael has her TENT peg in hand (Jth 4:21) David has taken Goliath’s Sword (1 Sam 21:8-10). WATCH and WAIT… Stay Awake. BELOVED go behind enemy lines and take the ENEMY out. Do NOT SLUMBER! Not in this hour. Watch and PRAY!

New life is coming! Fresh FIRE. New callings, fresh anointings. Babies, ministries, missions, books, songs, poems, podcasts, and so much MORE – stories, teachings and REVELATION for the Generations to COME. A new FAMILY. From Glory to GLORY.

COME ON… It’s time, it’s time, it’s time. BELOVED it’s time to get on the Glory BUS. YOU bought your PASS long ago. God already PUNCHED your ticket. The sirens are blaring. The path is CLEARING for the DIVINE Physician has a delivery on the WAY.

REMNANT Move over. GET out of the WAY. Lay it ALL DOWN! Get LOW. He’s POURING out HIS grace for you to Fully DILATE without the wait. A DELIVERY of FIRE POWER is on the WAY. There will be NO MORE DELAY!

Beloved do you have a NAME for your BABY? REVIVAL FIRE is being BIRTHED. Get READY. Pack your bags. He’s sending YOU! It’s time.

The UPPER Room is the Delivery Room.

If ELIJIAH called down FIRE so can you Beloved! So can YOU.

Do not FEAR His HOLY Fire.

Oh REMANT it’s BIG, It’s Big… it’s so BIG.

YOU were BORN for this Birth. Do not quit, FOR Victory is on your side. He called YOU by name to labor this very birth.

Be Careful with whom YOU share the news.

Let the haters Hate, they hated Jesus too. Your HOPE is not now, nor ever was of this world when God punched your ticket. You are SOLD out to the HOPE of eternal life. YOU live on Kingdom mysteries, not in pocket books or board rooms.

Remnant – YOUR baby is no trophy to collect dust on the shelf. Nope, he/she is a GAME CHANGER for a NEW harvest. It’s a BIG rig with a DIFFERENT kind of PLOW. One that hasn’t been seen before. One that can’t be bought, but comes with a cost.

A rig with a tank full of Fire. A rig that TILLS, a rig that PLANTS, and one that SOWS. It shifts from explosive POWER to resurrection POWER in seconds with a powder keg on the back. God is WHO he says HE is; The WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE!

Get ready for a RESURRECTION.

Get READY Beloved. Get Ready…

Heaven is about to reign down some HOLY FIRE!

Pentecost is HERE! It’s time for REVIVAL!

5 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. I’m on the Glory Bus! On the way and part of the renewal birthing and Freedom! The baby’s given name is Eagle Wings, with guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Terry! I’m so grateful to have you along for the ride. Glory to Glory my friend!


      1. Thanks. The ride is gonna be awesome, and the scenery from Glory to Glory is Heavenly!


  2. Wow !!! I’m riding the bus all the way to heaven !!! This reminds me
    Of the vision I had about “birthing the new army” we are the new army indeed.
    God bless you and thank you for sharing.
    Our Blessed Mother is with us let us persevere.
    Jesus is King!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Grateful to have you on the Bus! May God Bless Your Journey abundantly!


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