Monte Castillo

Because God’s grace and heavenly happenings always flow in this special village. I created a page for the people of Monte Castillo. It’s in this place that I realized for the first time I was praying under an open heaven. Signs and wonders reigned with the laughter, and tears of the Lord’s amazing love and grace! To God be the glory when revival fire falls in Monte Castillo! You will have your people Lord, for I have a love sick cry. Let us pray!


  • Pray for a New Pentecost in Monte Castillo so that they may be witnesses to the power & joy of the Gospel!
  • Pray for complete healing and restoration of all people sick and affected by Covid and an end to the pandemic.
  • Pray for revival, for fresh and holy fire (fuego sagrado) to fall among the people of Monte Castillo.
  • Pray for divine encounters and all doors to open and usher in revival.
  • Pray that all works of the enemy coming against revival to be bound, stopped, aborted, and rerouted in the name of Jesus!
  • Pray the blood from the battle in the courts of heaven in prayer & worship will be the fuel for holy & graceful fire to fall on the people of Monte Castillo in the name of Jesus
  • Prayer the rosary. It is our greatest weapon. It’s divine fire in the battle. It’s a sword that slays dragons and clears the path to revival.
  • Spend time worshiping God each day. Praise & thank Him for His goodness and faithfulness.
  • Fast for these intentions. -Judges 20:26 & Esther 4:16


  • We decree Heaven’s time clock is setting our heart in rhythm with God’s heart. Everything is right on time.
  • We decree angels go before us and are organizing around the prayers of God’s people, helping to bring them to pass.
  • We decree barrenness and delay is broken off and we are anointed to produce fruit and go forth.
  • We decree every yoke of bondage is broken.
  • We decree the windpipe of the prophetic will open and sound forth like a trumpet.
  • We decree there is no crisis in the natural realm that can stop this move of God.
  • We decree the greatest days of the Church & Monte Castillo are not in the past. They are in our present & our future.
  • We decree the fresh winds of revival are blowing and fire is falling. All in Jesus Name!

Yesusha will come through the East Gate in Monte Castillo. You will have Your People Lord!

My Favorite mission moments are in Monte Castillo!

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