Photos 2018

Some of my favorite moments & life in Piura.

Ceviche – I fell in love with this dish! Truly.

mission 2

kids monte castillo
Kids in Monte Castillo.
My first meal inside a home. So good!
Corn drying out in Monte Castillo.
In San Pablo, first time I’ve seen this set up.
Getting a drink in San Pablo at a community well after a game of soccer.
Looking out from the bell tower at Santisimo Sacramento Parish.
Vacation Bible School in San Pablo. Lucas was very sad because his mom was at work.
Landscape of an onion field in the farming community on the way to Monte Castillo.
Delivering fruit to Hogar Madre Del Redentor, girls home.
Buying & delivering a donkey to a family in Monte Castillo.
“Ropa, Ropa en la capilla.”
Bringing Communion to the homebound.
Peruvian pastries and these are not even the best pastries.
The fish market.
Buying chicken for Hogar Madre del Redentor. girls home.
Parade with a woman dancing a traditional Peruvian dance, Marinera Nortena.
Los Angeles Hospice – one of the most beautiful places to visit.
Making Chi Cha.
Daily mass at Santismo Sacramento, one of my favorite parts of being here.
Love the fruit market. So vibrant!
So much color!!
Kids from Madre del Buen Consejo school.
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