Mission 101: Angel Deployment

“Are they not all ministering spirits sent to serve, for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:13-14

Angels sent on assignment to serve, minister, heal & deliver. Tearing down walls, breaking yokes, and busting chains. Giving sight to the blind & and whispering in ALL ears.

Beloved you will not be held back or tied to a past with no fruit when the Lord has a birth for you. Oh is it GRAND with a GLORY STORY. Your position is NOT one of breach, but SET APART.

“Take COURAGE! God’s healing is near; so take courage.” Tobit 5:11

Push through. Labor on. Don’t give up.

Destiny awaits. The angels are THERE to assist and usher in revelation. Pay attention. New life is on the way…

Coming in glory, dreams, and light. Can you see them? Do you hear them? Can you feel the brush of their ANGEL wings? Do NOT be afraid Beloved. Rest in what God said – His Word and what YOU wrote.

An ARMY of Angels will be at the EAST Gate and every other gate with KEYS to kingdom glory. Keys to lock up the past and keys to open the future to God’s promises.

Keys to change the atmosphere! Keys to unlock gates! Keys to turn hearts! Keys to signs, wonders, and miracles never seen before! Keys of multiplication! A RING of Keys! Accept YOUR Royal RING of KEYS Beloved.

The FRUIT, the FRUIT, the FRUIT. So much fruit. The fruit will fall off the vine from the weight of Kingdom GLORY! Oh will there be stories Beloved.

So push on through – let that Jericho WALL come down. Walls keep out the Glory, the signs, the miracles, the wonder. The Sheer awesome of God – the King of Glory!

Put out the CALL today to tear down those Jericho WALLS in the mighty name of Jesus! Let the blood of the Lamb wash the land clean. Allow yourself to be WASHED clean.

Do not give in or up. Your BIRTH was known long before the moon and the stars aligned. Jer 1:1-8

Come Holy Spirit Come. 🔥

Trust that Jesus is on the way.

Say it with Me – We decree the remnant is rising – they are coming out from their hiding places. We decree Messiah the Breaker is going before us and we will breakthrough – all walls will be torn down. We decree dreams and visions are connecting to the necessary moments for destiny. We decree we are going from glory to glory to glory. In Jesus name we decree all this and more for His name will be made known to the Nations.

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