WSFI 88.5FM Radio: Interview with Letty Medina on “Healing the Whole Person” show on September 10th (on Podbean). https://www.podbean.com/ei/pb-8s9sh-eb144a

Jacob N: While on mission in Piura, I met Jacob & Alberto from Vera Aqua Vera Vita. https://veraaquaveravita.org/vavv-stories

Christina: When Lisa prayed she healed my soul. I was full of resentment and hate and it was killing me. I had back pain and it was healed after prayer.

Luis G: I met Lisa, a missionary from the United States. Very quickly, I was able to understand her work here in Piura-Peru, which consisted mainly of helping the children and people of the poorest villages, who are always in need of prayers to Christ and of Spiritual and Physical Healing. I also witnessed … her help to the people who attended the Healing Masses in the Parish where she did this healing with other people in Piura. I asked her for help in praying and healing. I explained that I had a hernia in my spine, located between the fifth lumbar vertebra and the first sacral vertebra and that this caused pain in my waist and also produced a peripheral neuropathy, which made my legs and feet feel numb. For two days Lisa gave me the prayers of healing. On the first day I had a good response because the pain of my spine where the hernia was gone but not the numbness of my feet. On the second day during Lisa’s healing process, I really experienced that she was blessed by God and that the Holy Spirit was with her because I felt God through her hands that healed me and I also felt her power like energy coming into me when she put her finger on my forehead and this energy I felt was going from my head down my body. I felt this for a short time and then I opened my eyes. I believe in God a lot and I want to thank Lisa for helping me in my physical healing.

Jorge R: Before I met Lisa in August 2018, I was a sad man who had been lamenting the sufferings he endured because of his sins. Her prayer for me, the laying on of hands brought out from me those demons that kept me only lamenting my life. After that, I began to praise God, no longer to give me His mercy, but out of love for Him, to recognize that Jesus suffered and gave his life for us. I began to love my daughter more, but already really, not only because she was my daughter, but because she was a blessing from God in my life. I began to love the life I was leading at the time, that life of lack and necessity, of humiliation, and to understand that this was only a penance because of my faults. And my prayers began to be more sincere, more heartfelt.

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