A BREAKING is coming.

It can not be STOPPED. The Lord’s PLANS will Come to pass. Do not doubt, fear or fold.

YOU heard right (Hs 10:11).

Do Not FOLD on what you were TOLD.

That WALL the enemy built to STOP, BLOCK, and HOLD you is coming DOWN. In the MIGHTY name of Jesus! It’s coming DOWN. No WEAPON formed against YOU shall prosper. (Is 54:17)

STAND tall Warrior, the angels surround you. They GO before YOU. Healing angels, Warring angels – ANGELs on assignment to dismantle, tear down and DESTROY the enemies plan.

The wickedness of Amodues (Tobit), Jezebel (1 Kings), and Delilah (Judges) are NO more. NO longer will they be tolerated or Run a muck. They have exposed themselves and their TENT peg is Coming IN for a TAKE down and take OUT (Jg 4:21).

They will Be Gone in JESUS name.

The COURTS of heaven are breaking cases and curses back to Adam and Eve. The line of the enemy is NO match for the LORD’s revelation (Rev 12:10).

The CLOUDS will part. So will the RED SEA. The DELIVER is on the scene. God will have His people. Oh yes, God surely will. They will be LED to the PROMISE land (Exodus).

Stay in the secret place. Fill your self with OIL! HOUSE it, STORE it, BUY it. You’re GOING to need LOTS of Oil (Mt 25:1-13).

Start Making PLANS because YOU’RE going to POUR out like OIL Geyser in TEXAS! Your well runs DEEP.

When it’s time to Go. You will know. You will swing your SWORD like a GIANT SLAYER. Your SHEILD will Protect YOU (Ep 6:16). No ARROW the enemy sends will HARM You (Ps 91:5). You will NOT be dismayed (Is 41:10).

In the SECRET place – RECEIVE wisdom, knowledge, revelation and power. And WAIT. Tell NO one of your waiting. Wait to RECEIVE instructions. WAIT to RECEIVE POWER (Ac 1:4). Exchange Your RECEIVE for GO. In the mean TIME you YEILD Warrior – YEILD.

You will be TOLD now is the TIME. You must GO. Now is the time to TAKE that GIANT WALL down.

Prepare your heart before the Lord (Ps 103). Give your STRENGTH to no one, but the Son. The HOLY Spirit will COME and REST upon his ANOINTED and APPOINTED ones. The ones God set APART (De 14:2).

Stand GUARD night and day. Do not WAIVER in the WAIT. Tighten Your BELT of TRUTH (Ep 6:14). Do not be distracted by the enemy’s lies. His TATICS and schemes are boring. He’s nothing, but a TIME waster. It’s a snooze Show.

The Devil’s flares are NO match for the lasers, the rockets, the stealth weapons, the covert operators and secret spies in your CAMP. YOUR army goes behind enemy LINES. You have Anointed Warriors on your SIDE. And the GENERAL of three that go BEFORE – thy FATHER, SON, & HOLY SPIRIT.

Good always prevails.

Good always wins.

God is a VICTOR!

The BEST is yet to BE.

A GRAND old HARVEST of praise and worship it will BE. Oh Will HEAVEN celebrate. There will be WINE and SONG to SING.

Amour Up the BATTLE has just BEGUN.

When you SOUND the TRUMPET it’s a declaration of WAR. Mt 3:24:31-34

It’s On…

3 thoughts on “GIANT SLAYER

  1. Praise the Lord! The battle has been won by Jesus when He proclaimed from the Cross, “It is finished.”!

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  2. This is Lyn. We met at the Glid Inn. I have to say that I found our conversation to be very insightful and comfortable. It was fun to agree but disagree. I value your opinion and wish nothing but the best in your mission work.


    1. Hi! It was great to see you & chat again. I bet you can buy on-line a fresh of the Virgin Mary for cookies or toast for the grandkids! May Gods protect you snd yours & bless your journey!


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