Breaking Through

A BREAKING is coming. It’s coming fast with fury. As the water breaks, the WOMB of the Lord’s plans will be opened Beloved! (Jer 1:4-5). Fear not little flock. (Lk 12:32)

A DELIVERY is on the way. STAND and STAY Warrior. You are not stuck. You will know when to start PUSHING. There is no need to panic. The enemy has been taken out. The Divine Physician is awaiting the glorious ARRIVAL.

The fog is lifting. The VEIL has been removed! Torn and burned by God’s Holy FIRE. HALLELUJAH!! Eyes have been OPENED. Seeing for the first time God’s GLORY, POWER, and TRUTH.

The twisting plot to delay, divert, and discourage YOU has been Aborted. Goliath has come DOWN by his own SWORD. (2 Sam 14:61)

Beloved PITCH your TENT! (Gen 12:8) The land has your NAME. (Gen 12:1-3) You’ve known since you sat under that palm TREE. (Jud 4:5) YOU Heard and YOU saw. Pitch your TENT! In that tent YOU will CREATE and SOAR.

Enter the throne room! (Heb 4:-16) ABIDE (Jn 14:4) SOAR high above the clouds. Receive divine blueprints, strategy, and plans to start the FIRE.

ALLOW the Divine Physician to repair your Battered and Wounded HEART. Revive, reprieve, and take respite in YOUR SANCTUARY place. BUY more OIL and SELL OUT to no one, but the LORD. (Mt 25:1-13)

The Lord SPOKE and will continue to SPEAK. Beloved YOU listened and YOU heard, keep receiving HIM and His POWER. Do not fear.

In FACT – fear no one, but the Lord. DWELL in the Thorne room of the Lord’s HOLY fear! Wear it like a Glass slipper at the Heavenly BANQUET.

He SEES you. You are LOVELY. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are STRONG. You are POWERFUL. You are FIERCE and UNSTOPPABLE with his GRACE.

Your BOLDNESS is a TRUMPET with a HOLY ROAR. YOUR battle CRY makes the DEVIL RUN.

YOU are MARKED for this time to CREATE something NEW – YOU will go before KINGS like ESTHER and WEAR your Royal robe and ring. You will go to the font line of Battle like DEBORAH with SHEILD and SWORD in HAND. DAVID and the SPIRIT of ELIJIAH WILL join YOU. Believe Beloved. BELIEVE!

SOAR Warrior Soar! New heights and new levels. New levels new devils, but the BATTLE is the Lord’s. (2 Cor 10:4)

CALL a ANOTHER – FAST. Discern everything, Be WISE. Wise as a serpent and gentle as a DOVE. (Mt 10:16) Know your enemy, but DO NOT FEAR him. (Deu 3:22) He’s already LOST. The Lord goes before YOU and knows his dirty tricks and schemes. Hahaha. Tricks are for kids!



A GIFT of Supernatural GRACE.

It’s how YOU got HERE.




It’s a RIVER of LIFE!

Living waters…. Revival glory…. Liquid fire… Supernatural Joy…. Glorious deliverance…. Prophetic oracles…. Mighty miracles, signs, and wonders…. Kingdom prosperity…. Supernatural breakthroughs…. Fresh oil of the Holy Ghost… And living Milk and Honey!

To God be the Glory for New Life!

Painting E. Cordova ’19

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