Arise My Daughters

He’s calling His Deborah’s, His Esther’s, His Anna’s etc. You already know who you are Beloved.

NOW is the time. “You were born for such a time as this.” Es 4:14

Pick up your sword🗡 . The Lord is calling YOU forth to the front lines of battle. Fear not my Daughters. I have given you the secret keys to fight and the weapons to wage war in the courts of heaven. Fight from a place of VICTORY. Grab your tent peg and TAKE him out. Judges 4:21. In Jesus Name Take him out. Take out Goliath. YOUR sword is like a stealth lazer, it only needs ONE swift swing.

Take back your territory today. NOW is the time! Do Not relent, do not recoil, AND do not quit. Not now, not ever. Fight like the WARRIOR you know YOU are. Wage WAR.

“A warrior does not give up what she loves, she finds the love in what she does.” – Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Find the LOVE in the fight. Ask for the GRACE. A Good Father loves to give His Daughters GOOD gifts. ASK..

“God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the warring women of Zion deliver its message: “The conquering legions have themselves been conquered. Look at them flee!” When you sleep between sharpened stakes, I see you sparkling like silver, and glistening like gold, covered by beautiful wings of a dove!” When the Almighty found a king for himself, it became white as snow in his shade. O huge, magnificent mountain you are the mighty kingdom of God! All other perks, though impressive and imposing, look with envy on you, Mount Zion! For Zion is the mountain where God has chosen to live forever. Look! The mighty chariots of God! Ten thousands upon ten thousands, more than anyone could ever number. God is at the front, leading them all from Mount Sinai into his sanctuary with the radiance of holiness upon him. He ascends into heavenly heights, taking his many captured ones with him, leading them triumphal procession.” Ps 68:11-18

You are a Graceful Warrior. You are a Warrior Princess. You are a Warrior Bride, and you are His Warrior Daughter. Fight like it’s your last breath and last STAND. For the blood and sweat in the courts of heaven will be the FUEL for the FIRE of REVIVAL! Do not give way, Do not give up. Do not grow weary, you are NOT alone. ARISE MY beloved ones! ARISE! 🔥

Destiny awaits. The HARVEST is abundant – There is so much FRUIT. So MUCH fruit!! They will COME.

OH, will they come. To see the JESUS of Nazareth you speak, the Jesus you preach, and the Jesus you carry.

They WILL come from miles around. Barefoot, flip flops, gym shoes, carrying their little ones! There will be repentance. Their baskets will be empty, but when they leave their baskets will overflow with the goodness of God. His saving power of healing and deliverance. His salvation.

The blind WILL see. The deaf WILL hear. The lame WILL walk. Oh YES… AND the DEAD WILL be RAISED. It may COST you, your last breath, but YOU FIGHT for that fruit and you FIGHT for that little one, that precious one, that special one. The one He points out and says “that one, Anoint that one”. 1 Sam 16:3.

You Fight!

Oh it’s going to be sight to see MY daughter, fight NOW for VICTORY!! You are a Victorious Warrior!

See you on the battle field. I got your back friend. And the Lord Almighty has got ALL our backs. He goes before us All.

Pray & Fast – Judges 20:26

A good friend I met while on mission in Peru created this video, Fr. Paul Porter from Atlanta, GA.

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