Holy Darkness

“Hello Darkness my old friend.” – Sound of Silence.

It’s been rolling in like a tumble weed. Darkness that is. In the beginning, it bounced around for some to see, but now it’s picking up speed. Like a trickling facet it started as a drip. Now, it’s increasing in speed. Soon it will be a flood, much like in the time of Noah. Only it won’t be water, but darkness.

Every one loves a holy Saturday in their own life, but most do not seek a good Friday willingly. I can relate.

A Good Friday is not easy. It’s hard, it’s painful, and let’s face it – it’s dark. Only by the grace of God do any of us make it from Dark to Light. Death to Resurrection.

The world, in including the church is about to go dark to light, a full paschal mystery. The passion has begun.

Can you see it? Do you feel it? Maybe the Lord has told you He’s coming in power and might. We are living in biblical times. It’s as if the entire salvation story has taken center stage. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

There is nothing to fear. God is still in control. It’s not the end of time, but it is the end of an era. The Lord is raising up an Army of Saints, but an army is not for gardening, fishing, or church pew sitting. An Army is for war. Are you ready for battle?

There are Moses’s on the scene parting seas in high places. There are David’s learning to slay Goliaths, with one smooth stone. There are prophets encouraging people in faith and warning what is to come. The spirit of Elijah is filling many in the land, and Samuel’s are hearing their call. And that’s just the men!

The Lord is raising up some mighty women warriors. He’s calling forth Deborahs, women of wisdom and discernment who will lead with boldness, empowering the next generation. They will be a voice for the voiceless. A voice crying out from the wilderness, like a John the Baptist.

There will be Ruths’ who are strong women of faith, virtue and destiny to hold the line when all seems lost. They will breakthrough with awesome discoveries, creativity, and not settle for less. They will make declarations, “where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people will be my people, and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried.” (Ruth 1:16-17).

There are Annas’ whose prayer and fasting moves the hand of God. They are watching on the walls and interceding for what’s to be birthed in the kingdom. They are women of persistence, strength, and hope. They will not rest until revival comes. Quiet warriors in prayer, fasting, and intercession, but mighty in moving the army forward.

God is raising up Hannahs’ who are resilient in times of barrenness and waiting, knowing fruit will come in abundance. They will be know but their fruit. Mt 7:15-20. Oh there will be fruit, an abundance of fruit. There will be heavenly banquets to celebrate!

Then there are the Esthers’ who are willing to risk their very lives for the welfare of the people, and lay it all down for the King. Women of prayer, courage and boldness. Women with powerful influence to those that cross their path.

God has been handing out amour; swords, shields, shoes, belts, helmets and breastplates (Ep 6:10-17) for them to fight for souls in the battle of good and evil.

God’s army is being spiritually prepped, prepared, and readied to fight. Giants will be taken down. God was, and still is victorious. He can’t lose, He’s a winner! He’s God.

The Lord has been preparing them in the quiet and hidden places for a long time. He’s asked them to tighten up their belt of Truth. For some it’s been years. At times they wondered if God had forgotten them. They’ve remained hidden. God has been tilling the ground of their lives, purifying their hearts, and renewing their minds (Rm 12:2). So they walk in the identity, and authority of Jesus Christ. But now He’s calling them out and asking them to arise. Now is the time! Now.

They have been anointed for a “such a time as this” (Es 4:14). To stand on truth, to write truth, to speak truth, and to witness truth. It will be living this truth that takes them to the cross of persecution.

Blessed are they who arepersecuted for thesake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:10

For they will be persecuted by those they know. Abandon by both friends, and family with snickers and mocking behind their backs. There will be talk of how they’ve lost their minds. People will say they are telling lies. They will be called radicals, extremists and the most famous today is a “Conspiracy Theorist”. (Research who coined that term, it may surprise you.)

It sounds a lot like what the early disciples who followed Jesus endured. It sounds a lot like what put Jesus on the cross. In the days of Jesus, I imagine some shouted you’re liar, some called him a lunatic, and others called him Lord. Nothing’s really changed has it?

“Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind word of evil against you (falsely) because of me.” Mt 6:11

It seems we have moved out of comfortable Christianity of unicorns and cotton candy. Flashing lights and shiny things – for the truth is not shiny. Just look at what happens to the culture when the truth is altered. Boys can be girls, and girls can be boys. The culture calls it gender confusion. Confusion only comes from one place, and it’s not God. Truth convicts, it does not confuse. Jesus truly is the way, the truth, and the life. Jn 4:16

In the west, Christians have become complacent because faith has not been threatened, unlike other parts of the world where they hide in basements to pray, and have church. We often want the easy way, but Jesus didn’t come to make us feel good. He came so we’d have eternal life. That means God is going to make us uncomfortable.

The gate is narrow, and not everyone gets through the narrow gate, scripture tells us so. Here’s some hard core truth – not everyone gets in. That’s not my Truth, but gospel truth.

Matthew 7:13-14 Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road is broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few.

Christianity without the cross is some alternate gospel and not the full gospel – the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. In many cases the only time we hear about the cross is on Good Friday. You see, many want to skip the death part – that includes me.

Only this tumble weed that’s been rolling in is like a breath of death coming upon the land. It will cover the whole earth. All of humanity, not just the United States of America.

It’s a holy darkness because a Good Friday is on the way. If the pandemic sacred you, then you better find stronger faith and trust in God, because God is going to shake and quake the earth, including the minds and hearts of all his people.

Faith is not found in structures, organizations, relationships, platforms, dreams, idols, politics etc. It’s found in a person – Jesus Christ and having a real, intimate, living relationship with him, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father.

We will see things we’ve never seen before. Idols will fall and structures will collapse. Lies and evil will be exposed on a grand scale. No sector of society will be immune; Government, Education, Entertainment, Business, Medicine, Family, & the Church.

Look what’s happening now with the WHO, the CDC, the FBI and various religious denominations. That’s just a few, there is more to come. Exposure is coming…

For some it will be a time of shock and awe. Some will not make it through with joy and hope, they will fall into anxiety, fear, depression, and despair. It’s already started.

Others will repent for what they did not know. What they choose to ignore in the places in which pride held them captive to truth. Many will be awaken to truth for the first time. And then there will be God’s anointed ones who will be parting seas, tearing down walls, slaying giants, going before courts and kings and warning people to prepare and get ready.

The messiah is coming. Revival is here. The Acts of the Apostles will be upon our land. We will see great miracles of signs and wonders like never before.

But first a Good Friday or Holy Darkness will be in our very midst. The land must be tilled of rot, and corruption. Exposure of the most heinous of sins to humanity and in the highest of places by idols and people we were taught to trust. All will be exposed.

Let’s look at the obvious, only for some it’s not obvious – 48 years of abortion in our land. I have not walked the earth without abortion being available and accessible. The blood is on every hand, not just mine. Generations of stolen life and destiny.

Did you know that Planned Parenthood was created by a woman named, Margret Sanger who believed in Eugenics? I encourage you to look up what Eugenics is and its’ purpose (hint, population control).

Her plan was to eliminate the black population. To this very day the majority of Planned Parenthood’s are still in poor, black neighborhoods. Still reducing the black population. Coincidence? And then there’s a Bill Gates connection too, again research. Coincidence?

I once sat in an abortion clinic waiting for a friend. It was one of the coldest, darkest of places I’ve sat and waited. Death swirled around pecking at my skin. The spirit of death waited to land on those about to make an agreement with a power who seeks to destroy them by deadening and devouring their soul.

If you think anyone goes into an agreement with the spirit of murder and death with no consequences of pain, trauma, and death to their soul you’ve bought a lie.

It’s deeply wounding to both the mothers and fathers impacted by abortion and for generations to follow. I know many, and have ministered to many. Some have found healing and mercy, but many have not. God has been saying for a 48 years, it must stop.

It is the greatest holocaust of our time. It literally buries in numbers to what the Nazi’s did over and over again. The statistics are staggering (see link to homily video below). You and I are a miracle that we are not a part of this holocaust, and those statistics. By the grace of God we survived for such a time as this, to pray, and demand the killing to stop. A Survival Witness: https://fb.watch/3CssLlhbN1/

On several occasions I’ve found myself on the floor crying out saying, “I repent, I repent, I repent”, “Forgive them/me Father for they/I know not what they/I do/did” Lk 23:34. I have been asked several times what were you repenting of? All I can say is now you know. I am a sinner, and that day wounded my soul. I’m grateful I know the healer – Jesus Christ.

I didn’t fully understand the gravity of what I participated in until years later. For it’s this sin that has been forgiven, but a sadness that dwells in my soul. To know you have participated in taking life, but grieved many tears over the barreness in your own life of not having a family is a mix pot of emotions of mercy, and grace.

There are no words to express the pain or repentance outside of the tears that have been shed before a loving Father. That mercy is available to all who repent no matter the sin.

Then we have over half a million children that go missing every year, in just this country alone. Worldwide the number increases. Where’s the out rage?

The lives of our children are under attack in every way. How do we expect humanity to continue? To birth, multiple, flourish, and grow, when we are losing so much young life? The evil one looks to destroy innocence and purity. I can think of nothing in the human race, more innocent than young life created in the image and likeness of God. (Gn 1:27)

Evil always looks to distort all that is true. The holy, sacred, and innocent. Evil goes after all that is good, true, and beautiful; marriage, sexuality, gender…on and on. It looks to steal the giggles, and laughter of our innocent children and replace it with trauma and terror. Keep them afraid and slaves to fear (masking babies). To feed them lies so they become captives bound and tied, instead of warriors of truth and living out their God given destiny.

The evil I speak of is hidden in plain sight. When we do not speak about it, we become part of the evil. The media sells it, musicians sing about it, and television programs it. There are subtle signs and symbols seen and posted everywhere. The majority have no idea what you are taking in, and allowing into their eye gate. It’s a form of normalizing the evil. This drama, and reality of evil is being played out before us all.

All the world is a stage (Irving Goffmam, “Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” ). What drama are you watching? There are both protagonists and antagonist, both are not working for the kingdom of God. Can you see what is good and what is evil? Or are you living under a hoodwink? Or acting like a turtle intentionally burying your head in the sand?

The evil one has no new tricks, because he can’t create, but his tactics still work. If he fooled Eve, he can fool you. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing in high places selling the same lie told to Eve. Do not be fooled by what is death and what is life, because eternal life is at stake.

The movies, television, Netflix have led many to believe evil is “The Exorcism” movie. Yes, hands down that is evil being completely manifested, but evil is often more subtle and hidden in plain sight. Did you see the halftime show of the Super Bowl in January 2022? I’m going to call it what it was – demonic. Did you read about Astroworld in Texas early this year? Again, demonic. An opened door.

Think of it this way. In the garden. Did the serpent whack Eve over the head with a baseball bat and announce his plan of trickery? No. He did not. What the serpent did was sneaky. What he said in a seductive voice was “Surely you will not die, if you eat of it.” (Gn 2:4)

It’s the same old lie being used today. Lies of manipulation and twisting of truth. Half truths are still a lie. My ex’s husband’s adultery painfully taught me how easy it is to twist truth. He’d often avoid my questions, a form of avoidance to the full truth. Intentionally leaving out important, and necessary details is an avoidance of truth. It’s a lie. It worked and fooled me longer than I would like to admit.

Now, let’s take at a look at what the snake said, and put it into today’s context on what is sold via mainstream media, culture, society, and yes even in the body of Christ.

  • Life doesn’t begin at conception, it begins when, with…. fill in the blank___________
  • It’s just a clump of cells
  • It’s a form of healthcare
  • It doesn’t really affect men
  • There are more important social justice issues than just abortion
  • The earth is over populated
  • It’s an old abortion line in the Covid shots
  • There are so many more…

Why are we not trusting the science here? If the most basic human life is not of importance, or of value. Then does any life have value? How do we decide who lives and who dies? Does your life have value? Does mine? Do your kids, or grandkids have more value than those in another’s womb? As soon as we go down that path we lose sight, and we become our own Gods. And if we become God then we become judge to, on who lives and who dies.

In this blindness we forgot that all are made in the image, and likeness God. All life has value, and dignity, because all are created in the image and likeness of God, the imago dei. That’s simple logic being applied. It’s a sobering thought. Truth is sobering, look at the cross.

The very first blessing in all of scripture is

“Be fruitful and multiply”.

Abortion is a cursing on this first blessing God gives to humanity. Abortion, as well as human trafficking directly attacks the first blessing God gives us.

We’ve allowed this evil to curse our land, and destroy God’s first blessings. If you think abortion has no impact, or effect on other problems, and evils in the world you are being fooled, and you are living under a hoodwink. Now is the time to remove the blinders from your eyes, and pull off the hook wink.

In the natural it may not look connected, but in the supernatural it’s all connected. And whether you know it or not. It is all connected in the natural too – there are experiments being done, organ harvesting, trafficking of fetal body parts, and so much more. It’s a sick & twisted industry.

What if I told you every abortion is a sacrifice to the evil one. A death that feeds the fire and furnace of hell. A death that gives food, drink, and energy to the beast who’s roaming around the land devouring souls on his left and on his right. An evil that gives and grants power to other evils. The devil doesn’t care about your political party or your candidate he wants your soul and other souls.

Would you see things differently?

Repentance is nothing new. It’s littered all throughout the Old Testament. The prophets gave warnings. The people went about their lives, and worshiped their golden calves. They made their choices.

We are now two years into a pandemic and golden calves have been removed; sports, entertainment, vacations & trips and so much more. Many months ago the Game Stop situation caused much worry and anxiety to the idols of money, power, greed, and 401k’s. Now it’s rising inflation of gas prices, food prices, and a two by four of wood.

Ask yourself, what play you are watching? The one the media informs you of or the story of salvation. Where do you see the human race in the story of salvation? Where are you in the story? What idol do you hold before God?

It’s all coming down. The Lord is coming, he always does. If you don’t believe me – look to truth. It’s being revealed. What if “Game Stop” was the beginning of God’s “Game Over”?

A Holy Darkness is coming upon the land and it cannot be stop. It is in fact it’s biblical. I encourage you to check my facts. Vet me with the best source – the Holy Spirit. Avoid the fact checkers of Snopes and Wikipedia – half truths are still lies. Fact checkers are nothing more than paid, pecking hens by elite technocrats to hide truth.

We all have blood on our hands. We are all guilty. We are all in need of repentance.

Lord have mercy on us all. Heavenly Father grant us this grace.

A homily on the signs of the times.

The Business Of Abortion “Blood Money” narrated by Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  1. Wow very powerful! Thank you for stepping up! We Christians are all in hiding for fear of rejection and condemnation from the “world” if we speak the truth. Thank you.

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