It’s About to Reign

It’s 3am. ( on Dec 20)

I hear God’s thunder. It’s coming… Do you hear it too?

The Spirit of the Lord says, it’s about to REIGN for several days. Oh some will run and some will hide. Even Clintoncide. But all will be known. So they can never hide from what I’m about to do?

In the days of Noah, how many tried to get in the ark as the doors closed? There’s still time to OPEN your eyes. To get in the ark and under the mantle of the lady in blue.

Do not wait, do not hesitate. It’s TIME. Her water is about to break and NEW LIFE is on the way. A baby is about to be born, a country anew. REIVAL like never before.

Billions of souls coming to the Lord like red apples falling from FRUIT trees. The Orchard is vast, but the labors are still too few. Too busy fighting about programs, protests and the common good without any SPIRIT.

Stay tuned and dial in to my SPIRIT. It’s HARVEST time after the REIGN. I’m Gathering my people. My prophets and apostles. My Fearless ones. My mouth pieces. Truth tellers and Bible preachers. For silence will NO longer do.

Midwives I’m calling you!! Your travailing prayer has guided ALL through the Braxton Hicks. But there’s MORE. SO MUCH MORE! The Spirit of the Lord says, “I need you”. It’s coming. Brace. This is BIG. So big.

There will be screams and cries and calls for repentance – ALL of Pride. On stages, in villages, street corners, bus stops, and airports. Intercede like never before, my grace will carry you through in the middle of the night when miles part.

My thunder, says God is a warning of what is coming. It can not be stopped. Have faith over fear. For I have marked you by grace to war in my land for freedom and justice. I sent my son, Jesus to set the captives free and raise the dead. My WORD will stand and go FORTH. The dead will be RAISED.

The Spirit of the Lord says, I will over turn the dead voters raised by demon rats like I flipped the money tables in the temple. Jezebel will fall from exposure. Leviathan will slither back to his cave and Ahab will drown in truth.

I will wake the sleep walkers with a shaking of the wheel (Ez 1:15-16). I will raise the dead back to life. My swords of justice “in the LAW” will take back what has been stolen time and time again. Haman will hang on his own gallows (Es 7:10) for all to see.

When the Amalekite’s – the MAIN STREAM MEDIA told you to look at the right hand you miss what the left hand was doing. You will learn words like false flags, honey pot, andrechrome, and your minds will be blown.

Evil exists. The devil is real and he’s prowling around the land feeding off the blood of our children while you fight if it’s red or if it’s blue. WAKE UP AMERICA!

The Spirit of the Lord says, My purpose and who I chose has no color – my ANOINTING oil has NO COLOR. You want the Truth – This is a color war of dark vs light. Not white vs black, but that’s what they tell you – it’s not true.

Evil twists and turns the corner of every truth. Where is your Wisdom and Discernment? Remember what the serpent said to Eve? Go back and see and look at how it’s worked on you. Deliverance is key!

The Spirit of the Lord says, my REIGN will wash the land from the rivers of blood that flowed for too many years on the backs of millions of my little ones. Their tiny fingers and tiny toes sold for greed, money, and power.

Times up. Sleep no more. The dead will be raised, as I shake and rattle the graves of the dead bones and say ARISE – “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS” (Es 4:-4). To take back what the enemy has stolen – territory and freedom. Slave no more.

My Freedom will REIGN says the Lord, after the REIGN of my justice storm.

The storm is here, take shelter, it’s going to REIGN hard for days with no knowledge of so called “news”. The eyes of the blind will be opened.

Do not wait to get in the ark. Go now. Peace to those who know what is coming for you have prepared. Batten down the hatches and pray for those I’m sending in. “For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, not hidden that will not be known”. Lk 12:2

“Noah complied, he did just as God had commanded him.” Gn 6:23

“My peace I leave with you.” Jn 14:27

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