Divine Justice

I usually do not write like this, but in prayer in December 5th the Lord put this in my spirit. I’m learning humility is an exercise in obedience, therefore I’m releasing this Word.

“WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Construction for the United States of America.” – the Law of the Land.

Divine Justice is coming. It’s already here, as it is in the atmosphere.

The Spirit of the Lord says, the tectonic plates have shifted. All that has been hidden in the dark and deep beneath my land will forced up and brought into the light. This force can not be stop, as it is my plan to bring about my REIGN. I the Lord, will reign once again in this land. I will no longer be pushed aside, my laws will not be altered, or twisted. For my TRUMPET will sound.

My hand, says the Lord of justice will be swift and fast. It will knock many for a loop. But for those given the eyes to see from a bird’s eye view and those who live in my parachute will NOT be ROCKED or SHOCKED for they will live and float in my peace.

They will intercede with expectant faith in the midst of confusion and chaos in a knowing I am bringing about Justice. Their prayers will lift and carry many from the grave of “sleeping consciousness”.

The dead will be raised. Some will stumble and some will fall, as they rub their eyes of sleepiness. They will think it’s a nightmare as things, structures, and people collapse. But those warring around the walls of Jericho will be the saving grace to catch all who repent and come to see. For I, the Lord will heal my land when the key of repentance is turned. The door will be unlocked to a new time, a new area. One of Freedom and Peace.

My divine justice is the highest law of the land. My law puts to use the law of the land created by the fore Father’s. For those brave men were chosen by me. They foresaw and foretold the necessity to have a constitution that states and protects from the powers and evils of darkness.

It is my hand of light in which my people have strayed from me into the powers of darkness and the wicked. The evils of Baal, Molech and so many other deities for greed, power, fame, and prestige. No More. No More. No More. The Spirit of the Lord says, NO MORE.

The Spirit of God says, I am still choosing people today for my plans, my purposes, and to bring about my Justice. Just as Moses was given the staff by me to part the Red Sea and to deliver. I, the Lord will give keys to my Chosen People for Divine Justice.

My key will be the “Staff of Law” given to Sydney Powell for such a time as this. Haman will hang under the law. Do not fear. Pray for protection for my Esther’s, my Judith’s, and my Hannah’s who will go before the the Highest Courts in the natural and the supernatural. For the evidence is irrefutable, yet many still can not see. For they have been hoodwinked in blindness caused by the ceremonial actions of so many generations before them.

The Spirit of the Lord, says I will remove the hoodwink. My people will come to see the light. For if my people continue to deny my Divine Justice, then they deny me – the Just Judge.

The Spirit of the Lord says, keep your eyes Fixed on my Son, Jesus, live in the Holy Spirit, and receive the love and mercy of the Father. Stay under the mantle of my mother, Mary Queen of Heaven.

The Spirit of the Lord says, Prepare and Pray! Buckle in & Buckle up. Keep your hands and feet inside the ride of DELIVERANCE and JUSTICE at all times, but do not fear for the courts of Justice will reveal my plans and bring my peace, to my nation, The United States of America!

Added on 05/01/21: Interview with Doug Billings & Sydney Powell on April 30, 2021. She’s still fighting for truth and expecting to go to the Supreme Court for the 4th time!


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