Things that make you go hmmm

It’s toward the end of my trip. I’m now here alone and the last one to go. These are some of the moments that made me laugh out loud and others which brought me to tears. Then there were times when I raised and eye brow or two. All of these moments were with people I never knew. There is no way for me to summarize my two months here. I shared so many special moments with so many wonderful people. It has been and honor and privilege to meet and get to know each of you. Truly, I am humbled by meeting you. I saw God’s amazing grace in all of you. I hope you always remember your time here in Peru, and that you find your way back.

When in Rome do what the Romans do.

T…I…P – This is Peru.

We go to the Beach. God too is at the beach!

I go hard and play hard, you have to keep up! Ok, I say.

It was all fine last night and now something’s different. I don’t know….

We love Chifa! And Sushi too.

You’re how old? Seriously. No way. Yup.

Sea Turtles in Peru.

It’s not about the numbers. It’s not about the numbers. Now, here are the numbers. LOL.

Moto… Moto…… Sheesh….no moto already.

This would be easier with the proper tools? Ya, think?

Oh, so you’re divorced? Me too.

I don’t even know what evangelization is, my pastor never preaches about that! Oh no…

What is the bump on your forehead?

Can you translate for me?

Lisa, tell your witness story.

You’ve been here how long?

What is she/he saying?

Lisa, how is it you get those kids to line up like you do? What do you do?

You drank the water? Oh… you’re fine. Otherwise you’d be 50 Shades of Diarrhea. Oyeeee.

Do you levitate in prayer? That’s a loaded question.

Mucho gracias Lisa! Gracias. Gracias. Thank you.

Lisssa, Lisssssa, Lisssssaaa.

We actually bought and delivered a donkey.

Lisa you are welcome to join us. Are you coming with us Lisa? Lisa come with us. Lisa, we could of used you today. Lisa you go with Annie today. Come on Lisa, just come!

He’s butchering your birthday cake!

Are you going to become a religious? Ah, no. That would be a negative.

Did you hear the dogs at 2:00 am?

Did you hear the music at 3:00 am?

Lisa, the word is getting out about you. You have appointments.

Now that is a good Pisco Sour!

Do not pray, just receive.

You just told her she’s one year closer to death! Yikes.

Bread and bananas….

My rules are better. Only because you say so.

Another version of the Mainera.

He’s going to turn into a pumpkin. A what? You know from Cinderella.

So what makes good Ceviche?

It’s good to be with the Padre!

We thought you were a professional photographer! You sure looked like one.

You are my sunshine. The healing of an old wound.

The tall gringo stole the show!


I love Ceviche!

Casino, Casino, Casino.

No pain, No pain, No pain she shouts.

Blanco, Blanco, Blanco.

Jesus loves you.

I didn’t have to come to Piura, Peru, nor did you. I had to stay and I also know you had to go. You may not know why you came and then again maybe you do. I’m still working on that one too. Either way, it was God who invited you. And me too.

Therefore, this is my prayer for you. Heavenly Father, I thank you for the wonderful mission friends you sent into my life. I praise you Lord God, for their openness, hospitality, generosity, and welcoming spirit. I ask Lord that you continue to bless them with the love, joy, and peace they encountered in you here in Piura, Peru. God give them revelation into their own lives, to your son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Help them all Lord to see life is in you! In Jesus name I pray.

Muchas gracias mi amigos!

The rice farmers and the group from Kansas
Some of the Medical Mission Team in Monte Castillo
Medical Mission pharmacy set up in the village of Los Polvorines
Madre del Redentor, girls home staff by the religious sisters of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate
Latin Mass with the priests from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter
Bread and Bananas with my friends from California
Mi Amiga, Julia
Oklahoma group vs Santisimo Sacramento Staff in Soccer
Dinner at a home in Monto Castillo

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