King of Mercy

The longing

The wait

The agony

The pain.

The heartache

And heartbreak.

What if…

The wait

Is the gift?

The desert

Of death

Is the birth?

Oh the wait.

The longing

The agony

The pain.

What if…

The fiery furnace

Is the altar

Of sacrifice.

Purifying fire.

Burning to ash

Hurts and lies.

All to die

Only to rise.

To become


Sent forth.

Crying out

From the wilderness

Calling for repentance

And forgiveness.

To stand

In battle

Slaying dragons.

To be His feet

In the tent

Of the wounded.

To be His hands

In the dark of night

Shaking the gates of hell.

To be His voice

Among the prisoners

Setting the captives free.

To open graves

On the streets

And in the sand.

Prophesying over the dead

Resurrecting life

In His power.

To say arise.

Pick up your mat.

Now walk.

You were once dead

Now you’re alive!


Your faith

Has healed you.



Tell them

You’ve seen

The Anointed One.

The Risen One.

The Messiah.

The One who Saves.

Yeshua HaMashiach

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