Conversation of TRUTH

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it” -Flannery O’Conner

What is the TRUTH, I asked?

Because there are WOLVES in sheep’s clothing. Mt 7:15

Scripture clearly states it’s Jesus. “I am the way, the truth, and the life”. (Jn 4:16)

What does that mean to YOU?

How does one respond in these troubled times?

Jesus holds the key to all TRUTH.

The Holy Spirit convicts and reveals all TRUTH. Jn 16:8



The SCALES from your eyes will FALL.

God’s HOLY FIRE will burn every evil VEIL BlOCKING your view.

You will SEE the door the enemy locked to block your sight OPENED by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Behind the door you’ll find…

Truth is LOVE.

Truth is SACRIFICE .

Truth is JOY!

Truth is PAIN too.

Truth is the CROSS


Truth is LIFE.



Truth requires we follow at ALL COST.

Even when the COST puts one on the CROSS.

Are you willing to LAY DOWN and not look back to the plow for TRUTH? (Lk 9:62)

You left Egypt and SLAVERY long ago.

Don’t look back CHILD of GOD.

Lot’s wife only turned to stone when she looked back. (Gn 19:26)

Be a DAVID and take out Goliath with ONE smooth STONE of TRUTH!

And a JOHN the BAPTIST CRYING OUT from the wilderness. Jn 1:23


You are a PIONEER, a REFORMER, a TRAILBLAZER, and REBEL for Jesus.

You are NOT, and NEVER meant to be a silent, pew sitting snowflake.

The FAVOR God bestowed on Mary, Peter, and John, and the Communion of Saints is ON YOU.

Favor and GRACE doesn’t change because 2,000 years has passed.



When sin abounds GRACE is a THUNDERSTORM all the MORE. Rm 5:20


The VICTORY is rigged for you Child!


God’s Grace is eternally NOW.

RECEIVE the FAVOR in grace.

So TRUTH is hard.

Look at the CROSS.

It’s a lot to bare.

So don’t attempt to go alone!

Let the DEAD bury the DEAD. Lk 9:60

Find your TRIBE and fight against EVIL.

The ONE’s blowing the TRUMPETS. Joel 2:15

The ONE’s who’ve picked up their SWORDS.

The ONE’s SHAKING the gates of HELL.

The ONE’s making the the DEVIL RUN.

Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” (Jn 18:38)

Pilate lacked COURAGE in presenting Jesus to the crowd.

In the movie “Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson, Pilate’s wife says “if you will not hear truth, then no one can tell you truth.”

The truth sets FREE, and when the Son sets FREE you are FREE indeed. (Jn 8:31 & Mk 10:45)

Yet, we fight TRUTH.

We wrestle HIM.

With GRACE and BRAVERY we surrender to HIM.

It’s then FREEDOM is BORN.

And you live FULLY ALIVE!!

You begin to FEAR not living MORE than DEATH.

With FEEDOM comes responsibly to RELEASE the captives. Lk 4:18

Those who speak TRUTH are called radicals, crazy, even conspiracy theorists.

You, BELOVED are in GOOD company.

Jesus was labeled a lunatic!

The baptized are called to hold up TRUTH, but to GIVE truth we need to ask are they ready to RECEIVE truth.

Many are not ready for truth, for its’ in truth in which you will be PERSECUTED just like Jesus.

TRUTH comes with a COST and the CROSS.

So remember BELOVED, the faithfulness, the goodness, and the generosity of God is the foundation of all TRUTH.

God is good!

God is faithful!

God is sovereign!

God is providential!

Even in the PAINFUL TRUTH.

Make the Jesus Christ the ANCHOR of your LIFE today.

He is how you will LIVE out what is to COME.

The PURER your heart the more FIRE will consume you!

The Fire that will set the WORLD ablaze around you. Lk12:49-50

To love child, you have to pass through the pains of death – that is truth. And if you truly love, then you won’t mind being bound to your beloved, who’s the source of all truth even when they NAIL YOU TO THE CROSS

So SWALLOW death.

Allow the selfish parts of your heart to be KILLED off.

Oh, it will be VIOLENT, just look at the CROSS.

The SWEETNESS will not be who, or what put you on the CROSS, but your willingness to be bound to your TRUE LOVE.


The one you run to with RECKLESS abandon even when they mock you, and leave you to die.

Oh… Let them laugh. Let the laugh!

“Father, into your hands I command my spirit.” (Lk 23:46)

“Fear not my child, I am with you.” (Is 41:10)

Remember BELOVED HIS blood is SWEET from the cross.

It’s TIME to RISE.


It’s TIME!

I pray the Father gives you the courage Pilate lacked, the fortitude to seek all truth, the endurance to act in harmony with it, and the openness to be infused with truth. May your fears be uprooted, and replaced by trust in the person of Jesus Christ. May you have the courage to do the right thing when even when it’s the unpopular thing. Even when they nail your hands and feet to the cross.

People from 17 different countries follow this blog. I’m not sharing that to brag, but only to say that this blog now comes with a responsibility to share truth and injustice even when it comes with a cost. What’s happening in the world is not about a virus or a shot – it’s a virus of evil – the devil’s work. It’s not about health, but tyranny.

In Canada, Australia, Austria, Peru and so many places around the world people are locked in their homes, they can’t buy groceries, go to work, visit family, or go to church and receive the Eucharist without a vaxx card/passport. Pray for our priests and bishops!! Are you aware of any of this?

In Canada

Here’s 18 minutes worth your time – an ethics professor from Canada on Faith & Democracy –

From the Wendy Bell Radio Show – watch Jan 26th at the 1:35 mark – what’s happening in Canada. There will be famine in the west & it could be coming near you.

Robert F Kennedy at Defeat the Mandates:

It’s time for the WORLD to wake up to the TRUTH

1 thought on “Conversation of TRUTH

  1. God gives his grace freely. But this glorious gift of grace is not cheap. It requires a response. A response to seek our Lord, maybe for the first time. Put God first in your life no matter what.

    Well done Lisa.

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