Beloved Son

I’m the kind of disciple
Who’d give a Child of God like you
A gift

But you don’t need another thing
So this poem will have to do
I wrote it just for you

Another year older
A whole lot wiser
Still becoming the true you

On this very day
May you know there is no one like you
Who looks like you, thinks like you or acts like you

You are uniquely you by divine design
From before your mother’s womb
God thought of you

Before the moon and the stars aligned
Before the land and seas were formed
He imagined you

You were created by His love
In His love
Out of His reckless love for you

God knew you’d make mistakes
Go your own way
And ignore His name

In the valleys of sadness and sorrow
He held you together
By His saving grace

He waited patiently for you
To become meek and humble of heart
His hand chiseled the hardened parts

He knows every heart ache and break
Each moment of emptiness and loneliness
Every tear and every fear

The terror of each dark night
The quench of every desert thirst
The high of every mountain view

God knows your passions and dreams
The deepest desires of your heart
His plans are grand for you

He has a purpose for you alone
A mission all your own
To bring His son to the world

No one can touch the lives you do
Bring His face to those you meet
Share His love and mercy with those off the streets

Your path is uniquely yours
A life journey no one knows
He’s given you a unique destiny

May you always find shelter in His wing
Be strengthened by His grace
Find peace you can’t explain

May you acquire courage in the Lion of Judah
Know the gentleness of the Lamb
And the fullness of all joy in Christ Jesus

May you know the fire of God’s love
Never stray from the flame
But if by chance you do

May you always remember
You, my friend
are His beloved son (or daughter)

With whom He is well pleased
His favor rests on you
For in Jesus, His love is revealed
God, the Father Loves You.

*This poem was gift for a friend’s birthday. With their permission I changed a few words and shared it at a talk I did last week and thought I’d post it here too.

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