I strive
And I hide
For there’s no in-between.

You O’Lord
Search me
When I sit or I rise.

Haunted by fears
Betrayed, abandoned and rejected
In an unsafe world.

Lurking lies and evil
Behind trees and trophies
Producing rotten fruit.

Lay Your hand upon me Lord
For I cannot attain any life
Except through Your breath

Hidden in love your created me
From the dust of the earth
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

You see me
You know my heart
My thoughts and my ways.

When I am lost or I stray.
In the darkest night
And each morning dawn.

In my silence
In my screams
You hear my cries

Father come get me
Pick me up Daddy
So I can see.

Rescue me
Redeem me
Return me to what you created me to be.

For all eternity!

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