God’s Garden

Love her
It’s the only way

Lay down your life
Your heart
For God alone

The Father will show you
Through His son Jesus
By the power of the Holy Spirit

You will know
This beautiful Eve
Is meant for you

She is holy
And righteous

More precious than rubies
Diamonds, gold and silver
Nothing compares to her

Her character is noble
And wise
Fashioned just for you

Arise O’Adam
Awake from your slumber
It’s not good for you to be alone

The Lord’s work is done
You’re carnal desires
And superficial wants are gone

God created this Eve
A helpmate and sustainer
Just for you

Do you see yourself
In her heart
As Christ sees Himself in the church

Bone of your bone
Flesh of your flesh
A wife just for you

The world waits
To see Christ in one flesh
One union

Be fruitful and multiply
Making disciples
And giving life

To all nations
For the kingdom is at hand
And heaven awaits.

Prayer Warriors: Please pray for all single women of God to maintain strength and endurance as they wait for their Adam to awaken.

1 thought on “God’s Garden

  1. hi lisa jim from verlo just had achance to look at ur pics very nice- hope you have a good & safe thanksgiving

    Liked by 1 person

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