What’s next for Me?

Leaving home was easy. Coming back not so much. I knew the person I was going in. I’m no longer the same person coming out. For when one encounters Christ like I did day in and out. You’re heart is radically changed. You as a person are radically changed.

I am most certainly not the same!

So here’s the thing. I’m just not sure yet, what that all means. I need some time to figure it all out. I need time to explore this new me. Even though I wrote a lot and many of you may think you might know what’s on my heart, trust me, when I say, you can’t possibly know because in many ways I still haven’t a clue. In addition, I didn’t share everything nor do I plan to at this time. So please don’t try to guess. You’ll be wasting your energy.

This trip was beyond mind blowing. I’m not sure about you, but I know I have an awesome God! I saw, heard, and did so many things for the very first time even though Piura was not new to me. Again, trust me when I say it was all God who invited me. He showed up in the most amazing ways! Ways I could’ve never expected, anticipated, or imagined.

I came to Piura to work and not to play. To mission and serve the one who’s faithfully served me. I was following a “call”. In fact, I worked 21 days straight before I took a day of rest. Even the days in which I ended up at the beach I some how did mission work. I witnessed to another who the person of Jesus was or I praying for the Holy Spirit to fill and guide me.

The one thing I knew going in, was that I was to be a student in Piura. To watch, to listen, and to learn. Ultimately to grow and deepen my relationship with Him. The Lord, gave me the grace to do all that. I thought I was going to be a student of Fr. Joe and his staff. Although, I learned from all of them, it just wasn’t that.

During my two months I made no demands or requests of him or his staff the entire time, other than a new Machu Picchu Coffee mug. I broke mine the last week.

Fr. Joe ever so graciously provided me the freedom to go and move wherever the Spirit moved me, which meant I was still working day in and out. My guess is He to was following the Holy Spirit. I don’t know for sure because I never really asked.

In the end, the only thing I know for sure is I became a student of the Holy Spirit on this trip. I was an open vessel, an instrument willing to play any music at any time. I played God’s music by request, on demand, and sometimes even planned. I once heard someone say this sorry I do not remember who, “if you live a life in the Spirit, be ready to be inconvenienced.” Unbelievably true!

The Holy Spirit showed me so many things. Most importantly how important and powerful the person of Jesus Christ is to me, the Mission at Santismo Sacramento, and the people we serve as Catholic Christians throughout the world.

With that all said, I kindly ask that you do not ask me “what’s next” or “what I will do”, for again I honestly haven’t a clue. I have a slew of things to sort though and unpack. That takes time, prayer, and trusted guidance and wisdom from those I spiritually trust. Therefore, I ask for your patience and understanding.

What I will do is openly share any experiences in which I participated in and or witnessed. I will leave out all private and personal information about those situations for good reason (including names).

So many people allowed me to hold sacred space. I am truly humbled by all that and the value it holds. It’s more valuable then gold. I will not do anything that dishonours that, for more often than not it was I who was the stranger who was welcomed in. That humbles you in unbelievable ways. Day in and day out, this stranger was invited into hearts and homes.

So I have no idea what’s next or where I’ll go. For right now I’m totally ok with that, and I’m hoping you can be to. Please allow me the space and grace to figure it all out. Thank you!

I still have so much on my heart. The Holy Spirit continues to stir my soul. So expect me to write more about my trip when I have time to sit and be. Now on to boarding for the states.

Peace & Love of Christ,


P.S. If at all you read this & are interested in being a missionary at the Parish of Santismo Sacramento you can find information on this blog under the tab “Santismo Sacramento Parish” or feel free to email me directly at lisa.filip@yahoo.com. I will share whatever I can in order to assist if God is calling you to Piura, Peru.

Taken by the little girls in Monte Castillo. They all wanted to take my picture so each girl got a turn with my phone. I had over a 80 photos to delete!

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