What If…

What if our churches were packed for daily mass every day?

What if our masses were full, reverent, and vibrant every mass?

What if people skipped watching football on Sundays to attend mass and not the other way around?

What if parents took a stance on Sunday sports and extra curricular activities and said enough?

What if there were so many receiving the sacraments every few weeks there were mass – baptisms, holy communions, and confirmations?

What if every home displayed a crucifix on the wall for all to see?

What if every day people were seeking the sacrament of reconciliation?

What if people rushed the altar to receive the Eucharist; body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ?

What if kids and parents truly understand confirmation as initiation and completion of baptismal grace and not graduation from the faith?

What if all Catholics wore a rosary, crucifix, or religious medal around their neck open for display?

What if after every mass people rushed to be blessed with holy water? And they raised their hands instead of ducking away.

What if people openly prayed, at any time & anywhere?

What if people couldn’t walk during ministry fairs because it was so crowded?

What if every meal started with prayer?

What if people believed the devil was real, evil was present in the supernatural, and the priest spoke about it in the homily?

What if Catholics believed, Jesus the divine physician still heals?

What if America was more of a religious culture and society than secular?

What if Catholics in America openly prayed, talked about the faith and person of Jesus Christ?

What if our Churches, narthexes, gathering spaces and schools were so full more needed to be built?

What if God was always the first person to receive praise?

What if people openly spoke about the faith and the person of Jesus outside the walls of their parish?

What if every parish focused on evangelization?

What if Catholics lived fearlessly for the faith and proclaiming Jesus?

What if You knew the person of Jesus in Your heart and thirsted for Him more than anything else?

What if today You helped someone You know Encounter the person of Jesus?

Catholicism in America would look so different!

It would look more like Piura, Peru…

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