Santo Fuego!

Mass at Santisimo Sacramento 

Santo Fuego…Santo Fuego….Santo Fuego…. Come Lord Jesus come. Come with your power, come with the fire of Your Love. Come…

That was my prayer last night at the healing mass. I prayed with too many to count, but if you know Spanish then you already know Santo Fuego means Holy Fire. I’m still in awe today of what I saw, shared, and witnessed. So much beauty, so much power, so much fire, and so much love! There is power in the name of Jesus.

I know for certain last night there were healings of all kinds and deliverance from all sorts of oppression. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom! Freedom reigns in Jesus.

Sadly though, many who received healing will not find their way back to mass, the Church or Jesus. It’s no different here than in the states. They will continue to go about their business of every day life. In Piura they walk in flip flops for miles or moto taxi to the Church for healing, but then leave Jesus right where they met him at the Church. They leaving Jesus waiting. Although, He is gentle and patient none the less He’s still waiting. Is He waiting for you?

Healing is always secondary. Meaning healings are an invitation to more – the very life and relationship of Jesus Christ. I pray those who did receive healing respond to the invitation with an open heart and say yes Lord.

There were many moments from the mass I could write about. Moments my friends shared or moments in which I was right there in the midst. I touched & blessed as many heads as I could. Then there were those people the Holy Spirit moved me to pray with much longer.

One man wept, one woman rested in the Spirit and fell to her knees, and many more smiled as they felt the presence of God fall freshly upon them.

My favorite moment was praying with a pew full of woman. All of which were holding young babies. The last women in the pew had her eyes closed, but the baby had his eyes wide open. He had a very serious and stoic looking demeanour as I started to pray. As I prayed I literally saw this baby being transformed. As I looked into his eyes he looked into mine and his smile continue to get bigger and bigger all the way to a little giggle. In that moment my heart just melted like butter. I had to just take a second to thank God before I moved on to the next person.

Last night I was bold and fearless as I prayed. At the end of the night I realized the only fool is the one who’s not willing to be a fool for Christ.

You too might be one of them.

I’m often amazed at how many Christians do not believe Jesus can heal today. Right now – in this present time healing is possible, and yes it happens all the time.

Last night, right after the healing mass, a missionary said, But Jesus can’t heal my__________(fill in the blank). Really I thought and challenged them with why not you?

I think we all have a little blind Bartimaeus in each of us? Do we not? I often hear Jesus can heal this, but not that. Them, but not me. Him, but not her. No… Jesus can heal because He’s God! And the Spirit blows where the Spirit wills.

Christ is not in the negotiating business. That’s not who God is….He’s a good Father and last night I was blessed enough to be right where I was supposed to be.

I love what Fr. Dave Pivonka says “Do not try to contain the goose”. The Celtics refereed to the Holy Spirit as the wild goose.

So I pray if you are reading this post that the Lord will open the eyes of your heart. That He will reveal to you more of who He is and that healing is an essential part of the Gospel. It’s not the whole Gospel, but the Gospel is not the Gospel without it therefore help them to see Lord. Open the eyes the their heart Lord. Open the eyes of their heart.

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