Finding Contentment in the Chaos

What do you do when you are moving at a steady speed and all is well in your world and suddenly you come to a screeching halt.

Do you fret?

Do you worry?

Is there anxiety?

Or do you find peace? Do you still have joy? How about being content with the hiccups of life? We all have them daily.

We become fools for control. We fool ourselves into believing that control brings about safety and security. It’s an illusion. In reality control wears us down. It causes fatigue. Yet, we want control!

Chaos….That’s what happened today in an airline debacle on our way to Cusco. It started with a delayed flight due to weather, then two more delays. The American Airline gates became total chaos of people trying to rebook and get home or to their final destination. These delays caused us to miss our connecting flights. So we had to rebook all connecting flights to Lima and to Cusco. We also experienced long wait times in lines, then an ill passenger as we were about to deplane, and lastly their were lighting strikes which caused all luggage ramps to close for the night. Seriously, crazy stuff. At every corner there was a halting stop!

Ten of us traveling were force to split into two groups and leave at different times & flight patterns to make Cusco.

What do you do? You wait with patience and you let the expert travelers handle all the hiccups. You trust all is well in God’s providence. You let go of the rest and pray. God is in control and you are content with that knowing.

Only the Spirit of God can still the storm in one’s soul. It is He who stilled the waters at creation. Will you let Him in a little more to still your soul?

1 thought on “Finding Contentment in the Chaos

  1. Maria Martina Wexler June 28, 2018 — 2:40 am

    In the middle of the chaos the Spirit is @ work. We just need to open the eyes of our hearts to see it. Little miracles happen all around us, specially when things seems to be going “out of control”. Our control.

    Lisa, thank you for sharing.


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