Dark Night

In those hours.

Time passed by.

He gazed at me.

And I at Him.

I wept.

And so did He.

No answers came.

No questions asked.

Mystery of the Holy Trinity.

Timeless transcendence.

Three in one.

All in me.

Divine love.

Language lost.

The kiss of His lips.

The touch of His hand.

A sweetness of breath.

That is ours alone.

Lie down my love He says.

Who cares who sees.

The lion and lamb.

Lie down together.

It’s you.

And just me.

A stirring soul.

In a holy night.

Oh the wait.

A Long dark night.

The pain.

The agony.

A broken heart.

In the Garden of Gethsemane.

Oh I beg.

Take this cup from me.

My child He replies.

Stay with Me.

Watch and wait.

Die along side me.

Right here.

Right now.

Be my living,

And holy sacrifice.

To truth.

To love.

In a broken world.

In depth of the dark.

The stillness of night.

Life breaking dawn.

A resurrection.

Revival mist blowing in.

A resurrection.



Redemption to see.

Sit and be.

Rest awhile.

Stay here.

There is no time.

No space.

No timetable.

No stopwatch.

Watch with Me.

Wait with Me.

Pray with Me.

In the ascension.

You will know.

The time has come.


You know my voice.

And the voice of the enemy.

My love,

Listen to my whisper.

Listen to Me…



Oh my Jesus.

I trust in You.

I trust in You.

I trust in You!

On Holy Thursday there is a tradition to pilgrimage to seven churches. The other two photos are where I spent many hours in prayer, and where I wrote this blog post. Several churches still had mass in process. Inside Maria Auxiladora people were packed in like sardines, and a photo was not possible.

4 thoughts on “Dark Night

  1. This poem is beautiful!

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  2. LOVE!!!

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  3. Very deep Lisa. More Lord!

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